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    Expose zammarange

    Hey mates,

    He bought poe from me , we talked on facebook day 16/19/2014.

    And now he opens a case on paypal saying that it was paid without his consentiment ? are you kidding me ?

    I want to bring all the administrators , if possible, to help on this, because more people can be scammed by this guy.

    I hope to see this solved soon , and ill be giving the info as i get it

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    The same thing happened to me with a different dude.

    If you did everything correctly.
    - Sent as gift.
    - Made him write in the note that it's digital goods.
    Then there's little chance that he'll get through with the case.
    They'll check his last accessed IPs and dismiss the case.

    I can only suggest you message PayPal yourself about the case.

    Also, things like this go into here:

    You should ALWAYS ask for a PM on Bot-Supply when trading.

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    Please PM me your Skype info so I can work on this case.
    Who do you think you are?

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