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Thread: Reporting Moaz

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    Angry Reporting Moaz

    Reporting Moaz, for selling accounts which are hacked, Moaz does dealings with a shady user named 'Hayden' who is a well known hacker and there are many threads about him on the website and how they access accounts using brute force. I purchased accounts from Moaz however he decided to leave out the pretty significant detail that they were hacked and he doesnt want to refund me. His defense is that he simply claims he was ignorant to the fact that they were hacked and apparently now that they have been compromised it is my responsibility not his. With his reputation and Official poe seller status you would think someone like him would be a frequent user of the forums and that he would know of the threads about the person he is dealing with being a hacker. He also sells the poe made from liquidating all of the assets on the accounts.

    *I will edit this post with screenshots with proof of dealings with moaz and more evidence.

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    I was caught in the middle of this, so I might just drop some details as it may help, somewhat.

    I bought an account from Nathan and everything went well.

    I changed the password straight away but not the email as it would seem to shady and I trusted him. A week later the password was changed and I asked Nathan for it back as it seemed clear he had changed the password to take the account back. He went on to tell me Moaz sold him the account previously and he had told him it was hacked (apparently after it was sold to me, so I wasn't made aware, otherwise wouldn't have bought it).

    After talking to Nathan and what seemed like extracting teeth, he eventually refunded me what I paid for it, so it does seem that he is in full right to chargeback from Moaz if at the time of the sale he was not informed it wasn't rightfully owned by Moaz.
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    Moaz has been found guilty after failing to provide evidence upon request.

    User banned.
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    I disagree. Leaving out the fact that the account you're selling isn't rightfully yours should be against the rules (this is assuming Moaz was aware).
    I think he should be obligated to refund Nathan the money as it was basically a ticking time bomb.

    This sortve ties in with BS not letting people sell poe that was obtained through illegal methods.

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    I'd like to see picture evidence Nathan. I believe that Moaz is a great and reliable guy. I've done several trades with him regarding several million PoE.
    Buying an account is always a risk. They are often banned within a week or two. I believe it is up to you, yourself to ensure that the accountholder is also the original owner. If you don't ask questions, you don't get answers. I'd feel it uneeded to tell such informations, unless the buyer shows interest in more detailed information of the account.
    I have done two trades regarding Moaz the last days, and I will try to get the buyers to confirm, that he is reliable and delivered what he was supposed to. Account trading is a bad idea, it goes wrong most of the time, because people fuck up, or gets recognized by old friends, as they don't changer their pirate name.

    Changing E-mail and password quickly after trade is suspicious activity, also the fact that the IP it was changed from might have been several thousand kilometres away from where it was last logged in. This leads to account closure, since it seems like it's been hacked.

    I always suggest that you you a VPN connection close to the salesman, to make it look less suspicious. Ensure that the seller haven't logged in for a day or so, so that he might actually have been able to move the distance between him and the VPN. It's all about making the account owner change looking legit. Fast buys is stupid and an easy way to get banned.

    Yesterday I helped a Bot-Supply member doing a 1M+ trade with Moaz. Because of the persons fright of being spotted and banned, he'll not post it public, but will be able to send chatlogs + pictures in private message to any board moderator+
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