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    Crewmate Got scammed by Poe_shop


    Solved issue
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    Tonistaro or should i say StafanoTio or should i say Bfree or should i look in my records for some other nicknames you've had in the past when you scammed/tried to scam me?
    The funny thing is, when your "so called friend" added me on skype i noticed that his skype looked similar to someone i had problems with in the past. So i did a little bit of research and found out that the "so called friend" is in fact banned on bot-supply. So the little light bulb in my head gets lit up and i realize i am facing one of my scammers.
    I did receive the 210$. I am keeping them as compensation for the money you scammed me for.

    I am a legit seller. I sold here well over 300m. I am not looking to scam fair persons. But when i am scammed and then i get the chance to get my money back i will not throw away that chance. The final decision will belong to the moderators of this website. If they consider i did wrong, they should bann me. But before you take any action, please check the above usernames i have provided.
    Also the skype of the person i talked to, whom i believe is tonistaro also is: mike.freeler
    Search this skype name on the forums and you will see that this is the skype of an already banned member.

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    oh okay mate didnt knew that part will kick that guy from my crew then

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