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    Got scammed by 2chainz34 500k

    He was interested in buying poe; took 500k and then bailed. Need justice.

    Willi provide proof with skype logs and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poiktuban View Post
    He was interested in buying poe; took 500k and then bailed. Need justice.

    Willi provide proof with skype logs and such.
    [2:19:03 PM] Sword Fight: Hey there
    [2:19:09 PM] Billy Hogan: howdy
    [2:20:08 PM] Sword Fight: I don't have a vouch page for purchasing however I do for my sword fighting services would this work?
    [2:20:35 PM] Billy Hogan: Yeah sure
    [2:20:49 PM] Sword Fight: Let me get the link for you
    [2:24:18 PM] Sword Fight:
    [2:24:29 PM] Sword Fight: I have done services for many members of the site
    [2:25:37 PM] Billy Hogan: Alright there seems to be enough vouches and such
    [2:27:06 PM] Billy Hogan: So theres two good ways to do this either by wager or poker. DO you have starting items or whatever to make it look real? I will gladly teamview my computer to you so you can be sure you'll win since i dont have vouches
    [2:29:24 PM] Sword Fight: Well the thing is I am kind of broke right now...I was thinking I could buy 3$ in dubs then we wager the Poe in sf and double it each time? Until I get it
    [2:30:14 PM] Billy Hogan: Sure thats fine
    [2:30:24 PM] Sword Fight: Okay let me do that quick
    [2:30:57 PM] Sword Fight: I am just going to record our fights for security purposes nothing against you! You know how it goes lol
    [2:31:56 PM] Billy Hogan: Sure absoluetly
    [2:33:54 PM] Sword Fight: Okay I got it
    [2:34:22 PM] Billy Hogan: At the 320k mark can i recieve a payment of about 7 dollars to be safe
    [2:34:39 PM] Billy Hogan: assuming you get 20k from the doubloomns
    [2:35:20 PM] Sword Fight: I was thinking we get to 500k ill pay you half and the other half after the last 500k
    [2:35:46 PM] Billy Hogan: Sure thats also fine
    [2:35:51 PM] Sword Fight: Okay
    [2:36:23 PM] Billy Hogan: So ill be in the inn on admiral saying wagering in SF
    [2:36:28 PM] Sword Fight: Okay
    [2:36:46 PM] Billy Hogan: Tell me when you whisper meatbill; obviously get to the inn first
    [2:37:02 PM] Sword Fight: Okay I'm at the inn
    [2:37:19 PM] Sword Fight: Okay I'm gonna send you a tell
    [2:37:42 PM] Billy Hogan: Mich?
    [2:37:52 PM] Sword Fight: Tes
    [2:37:54 PM] Sword Fight: Yes
    [2:38:30 PM] Billy Hogan: just liek to have chat logs
    [2:38:37 PM] Sword Fight: No problem
    [2:38:40 PM] Billy Hogan: in game as well as out
    [2:40:13 PM] Billy Hogan: 23880 transfer
    [2:42:52 PM] Billy Hogan: 71640 sent
    [2:42:56 PM] Billy Hogan: in total
    [2:43:05 PM] Sword Fight: Yes sir
    [2:45:38 PM] Billy Hogan: thats 167160 in total
    [2:45:50 PM] Billy Hogan: HOw to make this be an even mil
    [2:46:01 PM] Sword Fight: Here's what we do
    [2:46:11 PM] Sword Fight: Do all of it once more
    [2:46:42 PM] Billy Hogan: ONce more i win back so you have 250k + your investment
    [2:46:47 PM] Sword Fight: Then I will say okay are you done and we start doing like 150k or a little less per fight like we are wagering less and less each fight
    [2:46:58 PM] Billy Hogan: Or that can work
    [2:47:33 PM] Sword Fight: And the last one we make it an even wager to equal 1 mil
    [2:48:52 PM] Billy Hogan: Thats a total of 316040 sent
    [2:49:04 PM] Sword Fight: So should I do like 200 this time or 150?
    [2:49:17 PM] Sword Fight: It will be a just a bit over 500
    [2:49:18 PM] Billy Hogan: 183960
    [2:49:32 PM] Billy Hogan: thatsll make it so i sent an even 500k
    [2:51:59 PM] Billy Hogan: shit i did the math wrong
    [2:52:08 PM] Billy Hogan: your a little over 500k
    [2:52:11 PM] Sword Fight: Oh shoot
    [2:52:24 PM] Billy Hogan: no big deal just shoot the payment ill say im putting it all down
    [2:52:25 PM] Sword Fight: Okay what is your paypal
    [2:52:30 PM] Billy Hogan:
    [2:53:41 PM] Billy Hogan: Send it as a gift saying you will not take it back and you recieved virtual goods
    [2:59:12 PM] Billy Hogan: Are you still there?
    [3:06:13 PM] Billy Hogan: I sent 540k just to keep track
    [3:11:30 PM | Edited 3:12:02 PM] Billy Hogan: Alright I'm filling out a scam form and i think ill just get us both ip banned from ypp by reportin it to OM

    Will show actualy skype log to moderator over screen share or something

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    bad quality, but i dont really know where i should post it

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    Alright, PM me your Skype address and I'll work on this case.
    Who do you think you are?

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