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    Ah, I should really change my Skypes info for good.
    I have by no time stolen your shitty account. I made you login through teamviewer, to make it more safe for you, and started to puzzle. As soon as I begun, I were logged off, and you had deleted me on skype.
    I reported your account to an OM, to get you gone. All I got to say.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I can also reply to the deleted messages: It was deleted since it contains my ID, and password, and some informations, that is unecessary to be posted on here.
    Since he logged me off, and deleted me, I thought of him starting to create a fake scam report, and therefore I deleted those for my own security.

    "But your Id and password changes every time, you use teamviewer?"
    No. I've mine set to be the same, since I am not the onliest one accessimg this computer through it. We have to an ID, and a password, we all could remember.

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    Kyle Dolphinz (Total) is a known scammer:

    Just FYI

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    Ah, glad to know now..

    His puzzlepirates account is terminated.. That's what you get for trying to get me into trouble, when I haven't done anything..

    Seems like he's gotten banned. Unfortunately it costed me my main Y!PP account.
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