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    Reporting Marc For scamming

    I don't know what his bot-supply username is but he scammed a friend of mine, and the scammer's skype username is: Live:Confused864


    [8:59:04 AM] marc: btw. how much poe you want on ceru?
    [9:00:17 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: as i said im looking to buy 1m for like 30$ max
    [9:12:01 AM] marc: To view this shared photo, go to:
    [9:12:28 AM] marc: all i have on ceru im willing to spare 1m for 30$ i really need right now XD my regular rate is 90$
    [9:13:17 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: well if you want to sell for 30 okay
    [9:13:38 AM] marc: pirate name?
    [9:13:47 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: (pirate name)
    [9:14:16 AM] marc: do you have tourny board at home?
    [9:14:23 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: nope
    [9:14:36 AM] marc: go to palace
    [9:14:57 AM] marc: take stairs to the right
    [9:15:24 AM] marc: ill set up a TD tourny
    [9:16:22 AM] marc: my paypal is send as gift or else will be returned
    [9:16:35 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: wait
    [9:17:37 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: I'm paying for goods or services
    [9:17:38 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: ?
    [9:17:43 AM] marc: no
    [9:17:59 AM] marc: it will have a reduction on my part
    [9:18:05 AM] marc: family/friend
    [9:18:10 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: Hristiyan Ivanov, you have sent $30.00 USD to Jeremiah Primavera.
    [9:19:11 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: so?
    [9:19:16 AM] marc: sec
    [9:19:21 AM] marc: im checking
    [9:19:26 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: sure
    [9:21:04 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: everything okay?
    [9:21:24 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: it must be paid momentally
    [9:21:31 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: after i sent it
    [9:22:14 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: u here?
    [9:23:37 AM] ШЕ УМРЕТЕ: so you scammed me?
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    Unfortunately the evidence you have given doesn't really give me much to go by. But I will be sure to take a good look into the matter. If you come across any solid information, be sure to update.

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