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    reporting Jose-Mourinho for scamming

    We both agreed that the price would be $28 USD for 1m poe, given that i was a new seller i opted to give him half first in order to create the trust for the rest of the deal. After paying the first half, i gave him the second half of the poe and he disappeared from both PP and Skype.

    Video evidence can be watched on the google drive link below.

    EDIT: i went first trusting the user due to the fact that he was VIP
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMovingTargett View Post
    Note: my name is featured in the video so please let me know when it has been viewed so i can take it down.
    I've edited out the link. Moderators+ can still see the link via the edit history.

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    Is anything going to be done about this?
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    NEVER trust a member just from his / her status on bot-supply, VIP is exactly the same as a regular member and should be treated as such when buying and selling here, when you're going to go first ask the member that you are trading with if they have a vouch thread and if they could refer you to it, if not and both of you are low on vouches then use a MM until you gain more to the point where you are trusted.

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