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    Reporting iownyousowhat for scamming/attempt to scam

    I'd like all members to take caution when trading with iownyousowhat as he appears to be an ex legitimate seller using his old reputation to scam.
    He tried to buy 5m from a new seller(friend of mine), but insisted on receiving 5m before paying via pay pal. I wanted to make sure he had vouches so he linked me to a account under the name iownyousowhat. I looked into the account and found that the skype did not match the one he had been messaging me with. Then i stumbled upon a vouch thread on botsupply, and at the bottom there was a member of botsupply that had been scammed by iownyousowhat 6 hours ago(the other posts on the vouch thread were from 2012). Ill leave all evidence and screenshots below.

    You can see here that the skype account on do not match that of the skype he was messaging me from at the time

    Notice that the posts before the one claiming to be scammed are from 2012, a red flag of exploiting old vouches.

    If anymore evidence is needed I wont hesitate to edit this post.


    He appears to be using another account under the username "Connor" since he received a scam complaint on his vouch thread from 2012(Second screenshot in this post)
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    well iownyousowhat & connor unless its same person

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    - - - Updated - - -

    The skypes ''Iownyousowhat'' the dude you're talking too is Iownyousowhat22

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    You'll need to show the Skype chats of this trade going down. Specifically the part where Iownyousowhat/Conner links you to the Buypoe vouch thread.

    Edit: After reviewing another report thread, "Connor" was banned.

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