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    Reporting Furyjoey/ Moazz for Scam/Payback

    I have been scammed by Furyjoey and or Moaazz for an account!

    I bought an account from Moaazz recently owned by Furyjoey that the day after to be banned for Unauthorized Paypal Method! I have been trying to solve this problem with Moazz and don't expect him to be in on it, but you never know. Why i report for scamming?

    Because an account I never spended more then 10 minutes on gets banned whenever I wake up for Unauthorized use of Paypal. So I know Joey used to be owner of this account and Moazz supposedly never added his Paypal to the account, so I send Joey something on Skype and his reply is;

    why charge back
    [7:09:47 AM] Boston: on YPP im banned and need some sort of good answer to be unbanned
    [9:48:27 AM] hotchick108: ?
    [10:18:43 AM] hotchick108: on *******(account name)?
    [10:19:16 AM] hotchick108: yeh uh.. you sold ashton venich ( a tainted acc) who then sold to me
    [10:19:28 AM] hotchick108: i guess karma hit back nig**

    So I am guessing he charged back because I sold an tainted account that I bought from someone whom said never had been tainted? Um not my problem.

    RL screenshots;


    Looking for either my money back or the following info the OM's want on the ban appeal post and if that dosent work, my money back.
    And or the payment that was charged back to be sent back and SCREENSHOTS of proof and or me to recieve the payment to sent.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Also reporting joey for 500k steal can send screenshots if needed.
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    I'd like to point out that you had sold a tainted account yourself, which had been banned soon after you sold it

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    Igave it to u working
    And ihad no idea about any problem

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    No m8 after you sold it to Joey.

    - - - Updated - - -

    No moaz not reporting u reporting for chargeback of previous owner.

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