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Thread: Do not use

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    Do not use

    Do not use meridianplayer I sent him money for product he then claimed not to have received the money . I have transaction screen shots proving it was sent to correct person

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    Oh really? Because you sent me $30, then I gave you the $150 worth of product and you did not send me the remaining $120 after that.
    [4:46:42 PM] joe hammond: What's your email
    [4:47:06 PM] Meridian Player:
    [4:48:25 PM] joe hammond: Sent
    [4:48:36 PM] Meridian Player: hang on let me check
    [4:48:46 PM] joe hammond: Invite *****
    [4:49:36 PM] Meridian Player: okay I've got the $30 im going to trade you the octo, then you send me $120
    [4:49:45 PM] joe hammond: Yeah

    [4:50:04 PM] Meridian Player: Let's not make this harder than it has to be, please don't just run away after the trade
    [4:50:22 PM] Meridian Player: You invited ***** to enter the building.
    Piratenamehidden traded: Octopus (spring green)
    ***** traded: Nothing
    The trade was successful.
    And this is the part where I traded you the item, hoping to get the other $120 but this is what happened:

    [4:50:26 PM] joe hammond: Ok same name yeah
    [4:50:33 PM] joe hammond: 1 sec
    [4:51:25 PM] joe hammond:
    [4:51:29 PM] Meridian Player: Yes
    [4:51:57 PM] Meridian Player: You just left the shack, can you send the money
    [4:52:43 PM] Meridian Player: And now you logged off.
    [4:52:47 PM] Meridian Player: I'm still waiting for my money.
    [4:52:50 PM] joe hammond: Dude wait
    [4:52:57 PM] joe hammond: It's sending now
    [4:53:15 PM] joe hammond: It just came up with security thing from PayPal cuz it a large transaction
    [4:53:36 PM] Meridian Player: just fix it and send it
    [4:55:32 PM] Meridian Player: im still waiting :|
    [4:57:12 PM] joe hammond: Ok sent 125 $ << It's $120 by the way. Someone who isn't a scammer would know that.
    [4:57:27 PM] Meridian Player: I didn't get anything mate
    [4:57:48 PM] joe hammond: Lemme check
    [4:59:14 PM] Meridian Player: I asked you to send me the money, not try to sell the octo in the inn
    [4:59:28 PM] Meridian Player: Stop wasting my time, are you going to pay me or not?
    [5:00:03 PM] joe hammond: Dude I'm selling it because I bought it
    [5:00:08 PM] joe hammond: I sent you the money
    [5:00:21 PM] Meridian Player: I only got 30 bucks
    [5:00:21 PM] joe hammond: I have print screens of the billing statement
    [5:00:25 PM] Meridian Player: I did not get the 120 bucks
    [5:00:50 PM] Meridian Player: Mate, I did not get the other 120 yet...
    [5:01:14 PM] Meridian Player: Oh and now you logged off
    [5:01:26 PM] Meridian Player: That's fine
    [5:03:08 PM] Meridian Player: I can give you your $30 back and you gimme my octo back, or you send me my $120 right now.
    [5:03:51 PM] Meridian Player: I trusted you man... and this is how you make it end?
    [5:05:22 PM] Meridian Player: C'mon dude
    [5:05:24 PM] Meridian Player: dont be a jerk
    [5:05:27 PM] Meridian Player: Pay up..
    [5:07:46 PM] Meridian Player: Call to joe hammond, no answer.
    [5:08:04 PM] Meridian Player: Do I really have to do this?
    [5:08:13 PM] Meridian Player: Fuck.
    [5:09:09 PM] Meridian Player: KinggKarl
    [5:09:11 PM] Meridian Player: Wreckz
    [5:12:12 PM] Meridian Player: Jesus christ
    [5:12:13 PM] Meridian Player: C'mon mate
    [5:13:27 PM] Meridian Player: Call to joe hammond, no answer.
    Call to joe hammond, no answer.
    [5:19:50 PM] Meridian Player: lol
    [5:19:54 PM] Meridian Player: sent me 1771 poe
    [5:19:55 PM] Meridian Player: nice
    [5:19:57 PM] Meridian Player: nice
    You even had the nerves to sell the product, buy doubloons and /pay me the remaining 1771 poe.

    In short, I sold you 5mill for $30.
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    Might wanna remove pirate names :^)

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    Oh look, pirate names.

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    That's okay. He is a scammer, I could care less if he gets banned. And moreover, they're alts anyway which he has probably already deleted.

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    Dude u haven't been banned at all however would appreciate if you removed my pirate name ,, and I have screen shots ill happily share with a admin showing my transactions to the same account twice so don't take me for a mug matey

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    Can I see those screenshots as well? I've been asking for them since yesterday but all you've been doing is ignoring me, something a scammer would do. You obviously don't understand that I did not receive the $120. How are you planning to get away with this!? You can't just claim to send me something that I did not receive. And the chat logs made it more than crystal clear that you opted out after the trade. You stopped talking to me! And you logged off right after the trade too!

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    Mate you were harrassing me for no reason ,, and of course I logged that account off after I sold the octo so to help move the trade chain and avoid getting banned I will send screen shots to a administrator to resolve the matter .

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    Quote Originally Posted by meridianplayer View Post
    That's okay. He is a scammer, I could care less if he gets banned. And moreover, they're alts anyway which he has probably already deleted.
    regardless I remember a mod warning someone they would be banned if they posted pirate names again after they were removed.

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    Alright guys lets take this to the report a member section.

    OP you will need to have screenshots of chat records.

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