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    Also, Scammed by limitless

    I guess he only had like 15 mil to get vouches, then when 2 big orders came in he disappears. I ordered 4 mil for $100 paid through amazon virtual GC - Im working on getting my money back . But, he says he's out with friends yesterday, and he is online today, but doesn't respond. Very long proof of skype chat and payment: Screenshot_2014-02-16-23-19-14_zps2ec08d84.png Photo by talentist | Photobucket (For some reason the conversation is jumbled, but you can get the order as you read) - (Also, only read limitless seller Chase is an old one)

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    I found a thread where he is saying that 1m poe is 100m RSGP. I talked to him 3 days ago or so, he said 1m for 55m RSGP. He's suspisious but he's banned

    Good luck getting your cash back, i know the feeling.

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