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    Scammed by ChevyChase

    As previously mentioned, and confirmed by the actual player, he only completed carp, bilge, patch, rigs, and gunning. I paid a price of $35 for the stats previously mentioned plus swordfighting. The transaction occurred last friday and all the stats except swordfighting were completed Saturday morning. He says he is really close saturday afternoon and then goes dormant until now. I messaged on Monday asking if he'd finish still no response. Screenshots included of the bulk of the conversation. Also included paypal payment screenshot. Attachment 1415screenshot_2014-02-12-20-36-10.jpgscreenshot_2014-02-12-20-36-27.jpgscreenshot_2014-02-12-20-36-01.jpgscreenshot_2014-02-12-20-36-16.jpgproof-bots.jpg

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    Can you please upload these to I can't see them, Too small!

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    Thank you for 1) Telling the truth and 2) Posting in the right section.
    I have no access to a PC right now but I was able to refund you $7 for 1 stat.

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