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    I was originally purchasing 2mil from Mr. "Adam Lee" we had discussed it back and forth and decided against a MM to speed the process mistake of course.

    I paid him $65.00 first to "", after that it took him about 30 minutes to log into puzzle pirates..after which he stated he had to get rid of all of his poe and he'd give me a deal and sell me 5mil for $110.00 so I sent him an extra $ the end I sent him $40.00 instead because of the up charge from my bank which he agreed was okay.

    Here are some pictures of our Skype messages..let me know if there is any other proof needed..I contact PayPal and they are running a full investigation on his account.

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    Can you please do the following for me;

    1). Upload your pictures to an image hosting website (I can't read them! E.g.
    2). What is the Skype address of the 'scammer'
    3). Did you by chance PM to confirm it was him?

    Thanks a lot.

    - Scarecrow.

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    I added his Skype from the thread on this forum..He added me and asked if I was buying poe?

    His skype is coley9865

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