[11/4/13 1:05:00 PM] Symen J: hi, are you from bot supply?
[11/4/13 1:05:15 PM] Kase Tebo: yeah
[11/4/13 1:05:28 PM] Kase Tebo: just so you know there are a bunch of Symen J's
[11/4/13 1:05:32 PM] Kase Tebo: i had to just guess which was you
[11/4/13 1:05:39 PM] Symen J: haha ok
[11/4/13 1:05:49 PM] Symen J: you interested in buying some mills?
[11/4/13 1:05:54 PM] Kase Tebo: yeah probably just one
[11/4/13 1:05:57 PM] Kase Tebo: ill go first too
[11/4/13 1:06:04 PM] Kase Tebo: you have no vouches do you?
[11/4/13 1:06:07 PM] Symen J: ok
[11/4/13 1:06:13 PM] Symen J: nah sorry man i just started selling
[11/4/13 1:06:24 PM] Symen J: sold 3 mill now but no one vouched for me on forum
[11/4/13 1:06:50 PM] Kase Tebo: 25 a mil?
[11/4/13 1:07:02 PM] Symen J: thats why I put my price a bit lower so ppl started coming to me. If i put it at 35 dollars everyone goes to the person which has vouches
[11/4/13 1:07:04 PM] Symen J: yeah
[11/4/13 1:07:26 PM] Kase Tebo: ok do you wanna invite me to your house or what how do you wanna do it?
[11/4/13 1:07:48 PM] Symen J: you mean on pp?
[11/4/13 1:07:53 PM] Kase Tebo: yeah
[11/4/13 1:07:56 PM] Kase Tebo: lol
[11/4/13 1:08:01 PM] Symen J: ah
[11/4/13 1:08:07 PM] Kase Tebo: invite me to your real house xD
[11/4/13 1:08:54 PM] Kase Tebo: ok I've got my paypal ready all i need is your email and my pirate name is Dacoon
[11/4/13 1:08:59 PM] Symen J: well I use alt pirates on my real acc so for my own protection I can only invite you once I know you are willing to pay
[11/4/13 1:09:07 PM] Symen J: you understand?
[11/4/13 1:09:16 PM] Kase Tebo: ok
[11/4/13 1:09:29 PM] Symen J: if you really want to see me i can make a new acc but it takes some time
[11/4/13 1:09:41 PM] Kase Tebo: nah its fine
[11/4/13 1:10:27 PM] Symen J: Paypal name is symentj@hotmail.com payment must be sent as a gift aka family/friends
[11/4/13 1:10:31 PM] Symen J: price 25$
[11/4/13 1:10:56 PM] Kase Tebo: im hoping i don't see yu block me in like 3 minutes
[11/4/13 1:11:29 PM] Kase Tebo: i just sent you the money
[11/4/13 1:11:40 PM] Kase Tebo: completed
[11/4/13 1:11:42 PM] Symen J: 1 mill?
[11/4/13 1:11:46 PM] Kase Tebo: yeah
[11/4/13 1:11:49 PM] Kase Tebo: emerald
[11/4/13 1:11:51 PM] Kase Tebo: Dacoon
[11/4/13 1:11:54 PM] Symen J: ok hold on
[11/4/13 1:12:44 PM] Kase Tebo: ?
[11/4/13 1:12:44 PM] Kase Tebo: are you gonna do a tournament
[11/4/13 1:13:02 PM] Symen J: wait a sec have to fill in my tele numb on paypal...
[11/4/13 1:13:12 PM] Kase Tebo: ok.
[11/4/13 1:13:56 PM] Kase Tebo: last night i was trying to buy some pose from this kid and i asked him to msg me on bot supply or whatever and then he checked my profile and said "oh i see your untrusted fuck u pussy" and then blocked me i was like wtf? I've boughten poe from other people i have even vouched on their page
[11/4/13 1:14:01 PM] Kase Tebo: is there something on my page that says untrusted?
[11/4/13 1:14:17 PM] Kase Tebo: oh sec you probably don't know my page
[11/4/13 1:14:40 PM] Kase Tebo: i sent you a msg
[11/4/13 1:14:47 PM] Symen J: ill see
[11/4/13 1:17:04 PM] Symen J: ill take a look
[11/4/13 1:17:20 PM] Kase Tebo: i even told him i was willing to go first in messages but he didn't reply
[11/4/13 1:18:05 PM] Symen J: ffs I need to get a code through texting but it wont let me on my paypal
[11/4/13 1:18:08 PM] Symen J: profile is fine btw
[11/4/13 1:18:15 PM] Symen J: hold on, waiting for the code to arrive
[11/4/13 1:18:26 PM] Kase Tebo: so im confused why he said i was untrusted?
[11/4/13 1:18:33 PM] Symen J: yeah
[11/4/13 1:18:36 PM] Kase Tebo: maybe he thought someone else's profile was mine
[11/4/13 1:18:41 PM] Symen J: was that poe_r_us the guy?
[11/4/13 1:18:46 PM] Kase Tebo: no
[11/4/13 1:18:48 PM] Kase Tebo: the Poes r us
[11/4/13 1:18:51 PM] Kase Tebo: ripped me off for $30
[11/4/13 1:18:58 PM] Symen J: ah
[11/4/13 1:19:12 PM] Kase Tebo: i bought a mil and he blocked me on Skype second he got it
[11/4/13 1:21:02 PM] Kase Tebo: im on my ship if you want me to invite you here
[11/4/13 1:32:24 PM] Kase Tebo: you almost ready?
[11/4/13 1:32:38 PM] Symen J: yes
[11/4/13 1:34:51 PM] Symen J: sorry man skype is going crazy here
[11/4/13 1:36:02 PM] Kase Tebo: lol
Then he blocked me

Proof of payment all the refund is was that i sent him a request to refund the money after he logged really wont do anything though.


This is his post


I do have the skype still up if you would rather have the conversation in screenshots.