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Thread: Reporting Rage for stealing/scamming.

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    Reporting Rage for stealing/scamming.

    Stole sageman's td bot and is trying to sell it around the market and attempting to hide it. #Banthismothafucka


    Skype chat:
    [10:01:27 AM] Ricky: Hi Consig, I'd like to add you as a contact. Ricky
    [10:01:31 AM] *** Consig has shared contact details with Ricky. ***
    [10:01:44 AM] Consig: Sup
    [10:02:53 AM] Ricky: Yo
    [10:03:17 AM] Ricky: Are you buying the td bot?
    [10:03:47 AM] Consig: I don't have the $500 he wants, but i'm hoping someone will buy it and i can buy a auth copy or w/e for $100, i really really want it lol
    [10:03:55 AM] Consig: but i don't have $500 to dump right now.
    [10:08:20 AM] Ricky: Ahh okay
    [10:18:35 AM] Ricky: What would be the most you would pay for it? :P
    [10:20:16 AM] Consig: For the bot alone. probably like $250
    [10:20:36 AM] Consig: And thats even hurting, college student so i don't have money to spare lol 250 would be like the max penny.
    [10:20:59 AM] Consig: For an auth of it, i'd pay 100 max, assuming he only sold 5 auths or w/e.
    [10:22:36 AM] Ricky: Interesting. WIll you be on in 5ishours?
    [10:22:44 AM] Consig: Yep
    [10:23:40 AM] Ricky: I'll talk to you in a few then.
    [10:42:15 AM | Removed 10:42:31 AM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:18:40 PM] Ricky: Hey
    [4:19:11 PM] Consig: hey
    [4:20:08 PM] *** Missed call from Ricky. ***
    [4:21:28 PM] Ricky: Hold on :3
    [4:25:59 PM | Edited 4:27:15 PM] Ricky: Keep this private of course.
    [4:27:02 PM] Consig: hmm
    [4:27:19 PM] Consig: yeah.
    [4:27:33 PM] Ricky: Yeah to my question?
    [4:27:51 PM] Consig: well, its your choice if you want to sell it ;p
    [4:28:10 PM] Consig: but considering it's not "Yours" so to say, i wouldn't be wanting to pay the full 100
    [4:28:18 PM] Consig: But i mean
    [4:28:26 PM] Consig: if you want to make a instant $50 with it, by all means.
    [4:29:20 PM | Removed 4:37:03 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:29:48 PM] Consig: Well, i could pay someone to make me a TD bot for around that. And whoever buys it from sage will probably sell auths of it for $50-100
    [4:29:53 PM] Consig: And you lose nothing by it anyway
    [4:30:16 PM | Removed 4:37:07 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:30:29 PM] Consig: Whoever buys a $500 bot, isn't going to just use it occasionally
    [4:30:35 PM] Consig: they will probably make monthly auths.
    [4:30:42 PM] Consig: To where you pay by the month to have the bot.
    [4:31:02 PM] Consig: I already talked to sage about it, lowest he'd sell me it for is $400
    [4:31:50 PM] Consig: Its one thing to buy a $30 bot and get ult and #1 like with the bilge bot.
    [4:32:05 PM] Consig: its different to buy a $500 td bot that nobody plays td, and only win a few fam tournys a year.
    [4:32:31 PM] Consig: if that made any sense.
    [4:34:29 PM] Consig: because the $250 i offered sage, is different then buying from you. Because if i ever had an issue, i assume he would know how to fix it, or i could pay him to fix it, w/e it may be. If i buy it from you, its just how it is, could be detected the next day and i'm out $50, ect.
    [4:35:11 PM | Removed 4:49:47 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:35:22 PM | Removed 4:49:50 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:35:28 PM] Consig: The bot has never beat index.
    [4:35:40 PM] Consig: sage tried it against index
    [4:35:42 PM] Consig: and lost horribly.
    [4:35:45 PM] Consig: It has its claws
    [4:35:47 PM] Consig: flaws
    [4:35:58 PM | Removed 4:49:53 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:36:00 PM] Consig: Check every past td tourny, and index has won it he he's entered.
    [4:36:02 PM | Removed 4:49:59 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:36:18 PM] Consig: Exactly, but its not a 100% guarentee for fam tournys either XD
    [4:36:26 PM] Consig: and its less of a risk if i bought it from him then you, idk ;p
    [4:36:55 PM | Removed 4:50:00 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:37:48 PM] Consig: Like, i have a private drinking bot, i paid $150 for it. I can win 95% of the people with it. and even that amount was paying to much. sorry mate i'll have to pass XD sage will need the money more every day and eventually sell it off, and i'm pretty sure i have the highest offer on it. thanks though ;p
    [4:41:04 PM] Ricky: :P I'll buy the drinking bot
    [4:41:48 PM] Consig: haha, not looking to sell it XD got it from a guy off sythe like 3 years ago and its still working awesome
    [4:42:01 PM] Consig: I was actually going to talk to sage and offer a trade.
    [4:42:06 PM] Consig: My drinking bot for his td bot.
    [4:48:16 PM] Consig: but anyway, if u come down on ur TD bot price let me know, or i'll sell you my drinking bot for $250.
    [4:48:20 PM] Consig:
    [4:49:34 PM] Ricky: Lol I would give you $50 for it
    [4:49:39 PM] Ricky: Same reasons you gave me
    [4:49:40 PM] Consig: Pfft XD
    [4:49:57 PM] Consig: Nawwwww
    [4:50:08 PM | Removed 4:59:49 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:50:19 PM | Edited 4:50:49 PM] Consig: Trade of? Td bot for drinking bot?
    [4:53:43 PM | Removed 4:59:47 PM] Ricky: This message has been removed.
    [4:54:22 PM] Consig: so tempting..
    [4:54:24 PM] Consig: Hmm..
    [4:56:27 PM] Ricky: Puzzle Pirates Forums - View Thread - Massive tourny. run by player to player.
    [4:56:32 PM] Ricky: I know the person who will host this
    [4:56:33 PM] Ricky: lol
    [4:57:47 PM] Consig: well, if we both entered with a td bot, it would just be a 50/50 shot
    [4:57:47 PM] Consig: XD
    [4:57:59 PM] Ricky: Mhm
    [4:58:06 PM] Ricky: Depends on the board, you can't win every game
    [4:59:02 PM] Consig: I'm done for the drinking/td bot trade, can you prove you have the TD bot, since i assume ill be going first, i just want to make sure you have it ;p
    [4:59:21 PM] Consig: if your still interested that is.
    [4:59:24 PM] Ricky: Like yesterday I was vsing yaap i think his name was. He's ult and I lost once but 5 more games against him I won
    [4:59:36 PM] Ricky: So you will do a trade?
    [4:59:48 PM] Consig: Guess so, as long as you don't ruin this drinking bot >.<
    [4:59:52 PM] Consig: By like, sending it out lol
    [4:59:57 PM] Ricky: naw xD
    [5:00:29 PM] Ricky:
    [5:01:12 PM] Ricky: Waiting for a game
    [5:01:23 PM] Ricky: yaab
    [5:01:28 PM] Ricky: Lost once
    [5:01:32 PM] Ricky: won every other game
    [5:01:42 PM] Consig: hmm
    [5:01:47 PM] Consig: pretty good ratio
    [5:01:55 PM] Ricky: He's pretty good
    [5:02:01 PM] Ricky: but sometimes I'll get a bad board
    [5:02:17 PM] Ricky: shedofwood
    [5:02:21 PM] Ricky: I'm sure you know him
    [5:02:25 PM] Consig: Yeah
    [5:02:34 PM] Ricky: He thinks he knows I bot
    [5:02:38 PM] Consig: lol
    [5:02:50 PM] Ricky: Refuses to play me
    [5:02:58 PM] Ricky: anyway afk a minute
    [5:03:02 PM] Consig: k
    [5:03:02 PM] Ricky: if someone joins the bot will play
    [5:08:24 PM] Ricky: hm
    [5:08:26 PM] Ricky: no one joined
    [5:08:26 PM] Ricky: xD
    [5:08:53 PM] Ricky: Different ocean
    [5:09:47 PM] Ricky: Vsing an ult :3
    [5:12:03 PM] Consig: Won't let me reconnect, it froze ;p
    [5:12:18 PM] Ricky: try now
    [5:16:05 PM] Ricky: aw his ult went away
    [5:16:10 PM] Ricky: I'm so mean ;c
    [5:16:17 PM] Consig: Hmmm
    [5:16:20 PM] Consig: Very impressive bot XD

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    Add me on skype so I can verify this. Thanks

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    Eating right now, be back in 10 minutes and ill screenshare it, he also admits it as im in chat with face. but yeah brb.

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    Tequila has been banned for Scamming Sageman.

    Tequila sold Rage the Treasure Drop Bot without Sageman's permission with no restrictions on rights. Rage was wanting to sell the bot and to his knowledge had the ability to do so.

    Rage is not banned nor is his rank removed for being honest and up front with all informations as well as agreeing to not distribute or sell the bot.

    This decision was made by Sobo Scarecrow and I.

    PS. Also Consig was banned for Blackmail and Ban evasion.

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