Im selling poe here, he contacted me that he want's to buy. Should of just stopped right there when he didn't agree to my terms.
Anyway here are the screenshots of the long talk we had.

Also here is the proof that i sent him that i haven't received the money

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And the "proof" he sent to me

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Why i made this thread even though i told him that he has time to contact me before i do anything (after he had allready dissapeared)?
The "proof" he sent me seemed a little off. If it would of been a payment to me shouldn't there be a minus there? Amongst other things.
If this guy really was legit and just something happened to his computer or anything other, i will apologise to any accusation i have made and i hope he will send me the money he owes me on paypal or gives me my poes back.

Anyway it was a good day yesterday. 3 buyers all of whom were scammers, lost 2.2mil yay to me.