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    Reporting Mehfailzx3

    This is the real Mehfailzx3, if you check the thread where you had all the skypes of various members it does indeed say schwabbel6.

    So in the future I will not be going first to anyone k.

    Just to clarify, I never received my paypal money that he said he did send.


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    Mehfailz x3 is online now

    I did send the payment right after receiving the PoEs (Check date and time).

    It's not my problem that your PayPal is messed up...

    Thanks for creating a Report Thread mate. You clearly didn't receive any money.

    Who do you think you are?

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    Mehfailz x3 is online now

    Conversation with Doge:

    Payment sent:

    Note: I was mad because he gave me 4 different PayPal addresses which all turned out to be wrong. I'm actually a nice guy
    Who do you think you are?

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    It seems as if there was a mix up with the PayPal emails and thus this report thread shall have no action taken unless there is more evidence submitted. If there is any evidence from either party that may contribute please PM me.


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