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    Report Aereyx / Jake Bozzo on skype

    We made a transaction of 70$ for 2m and i wake up today and saw that he open a Unauthorized payment for it

    Here are paypal proof of claim

    Here are forum pm

    Skype conversation:

    And here are when he vouch for me in my thread

    He told me that money will be send from his mother paypal attaced with shes credit card but is his fault in this case and i really hope i can speak with him and sort of all this shits

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    When disput is unauthorized paypal recive money to buyer I was scamed too

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    can someone take some action about this case?

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    It is my understanding that if the payment is "Held" that it may be doneso by PayPal. It has not been charge backed, unfortunately you will have to contact PayPal to sort this out and find out what has happened exactly. Until there is proof that Aereyx intentionally "held" the payment I cannot justify a ban.

    While it's very possibly his mother "unauthorized" the payment you will still need to consult with PayPal and get evidence that it was in fact him intentionally holding it.

    Edit: After re-reading, It may not have been PayPal itself but Aereyx doesn't have access to the $$$ either and it was lost in transit. You'll have to talk to PayPal.
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    I banned him, he charged back all of his bots.

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