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    Reporting SimplyIcy for scamming me.

    Over a week ago I gave my long time friend SimplyIcy 6M poe for him to sell at $35 per mil and was in contact with him the first day and he said he sold it all and would send the money over skype after he went to a movie with his friends and I have never heard from him since. I did hear he claimed to be hacked the day after to people on YPP and said his green octo was stolen but that shouldn't of changed anything because he said he already sold the poe. Also he claimed he was hacked before and lost a mint octo and plum octo and some other fam. So because of suspicion I think he was bull sh*t about the fams he claimed he have which he never showed anyone and would never take out for you to see or anything. I think he just wanted to hang with people that had a lot of poe because of the YPP lyfe style we gave him. Well /rant over hope you can get somewhere with this.

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    We need screenshots, Skype conversations for proof of everything you said. If not I'm afraid I can't do a thing.

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