Aight so back in the days, like a year ago I bought poe from this guy, and now 7-9 months later I wanted to buy some more poe, and apparently "his internet connection" was laggy. and had to relog, Im not saying he is a seller here but he was, so jsut watch out any how.




Last one is payment description he prefferibly wants "skrill" or moneybooker as he calls it, this might not be evidence enough for u guys, but IF u are to trade him please use a middle man because he did log off to "relog" and have been waiting. I dont really care about the scam it self some won some lost, im just maknig sure u guys dont fall into the same trap

just be carefull when u make a trade ^^

Still have pretty epic sellers here tho even tho I didnt get any money poe now lol but what od u expect when u dont use middle man or trusted people haha ^^