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Thread: Reporting Craze

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    Reporting Craze

    He told me he was selling 1m for $30, I sent him 30 to the email he told me to, and he deleted me from his skype and Booked. I have all the evidence. If a mod would like to see it all please contact me... And then afterwards he sent me skype saying his skype account was hacked... and now well... he defreinded me again

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    Yet again, You didn't ask from a PM from me when my Skype clearly said " Caution always ask for a pm when trading with me" This is because i have recently been Keylogged - Therefore its your own fault. I've just got home from shopping and its not my responsibility. I'm sorry dude but this is not my Fault.

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    Also, Which PayPal did you send it to? Because my Thread clearly states - My ONLY PayPal is:

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