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Thread: Reporting "Lanich"

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    Reporting "Lanich"

    This case got updated, read the second half.

    Alright mates, this is my report for the user "Primavear22"

    Lanich, Mehfailz x3 ( le me ), xerio, Equilibrium and Beccyis and earlier a few other guys, including "Primavear22 aka pzzl" were working on a so called "Omnis Project".

    The pirate we are talking about is Confused on Emerald, which is currently banned.

    Here is his pirate profile:

    The main idea was to obtain all the Ults and to divide the money made in the end.
    We did also have a buyer.

    The thing was that we changed the password several times - the last password was "colabear" and only a hand of people knew it.
    ("Primavear22" was one of these guys, he was going to do Ultimate Patching).

    It all went fine until the 28th June.
    When I was going to log in to finish some of my stats I did see that the password got changed and that the pirate Confused was on a Cursed Isle Run Bilging.
    Tequila is a witness since I spoke to him about this weird occurence. ( He wanted to make sure Lanich wasn't going to keep the money, since he had the contact with the buyer).

    Later that day Confused was banned and never online since then - he got banned.

    The pirate Confused got banned after his actual pirate - Saroway- that he bought a few hours ago from "Ned".

    Thanks to Ned/Lanich for both blocking that guy and deleting the chat logs, I really appreciate it.

    Ned said that Primavear22 bought the pirate "Saroway" and got it banned due to bad evading.
    When he didn't want to pay a refund Primavear started to offend him ( Skype Screenshot).

    Primavear22 aka pzzl went mad about the loss of his expensive Account he recently bought and didn't want to have spend money for nothing.
    That's why he did claim Confused his own and changed the password.

    According to him ( Quote from Lanich): "he said he went on confused to do patching and got banned for evading so changed the pass cause he got scared".
    This is an absurd lie.

    If he got banned for evading and changed the password - how was he still able to play on a CI then? [ Tequila can witness this, he saw it in-game]

    Right now pzzl is avoiding contact with any of us guys and yet "deleted" his skype ( No responses, deleted Avatar and so on). He even tries to remove his "footsteps" by deleting his Skype name on this site.
    Many people knew "Primavear22" under the Skype username "surebuyermeri1 aka pzzl" - I was lucky enough to find proof it was really him:

    Right now he might be on a different Skype trying to fool his customers since he has "nothing to lose".

    Face and Sobo , both the Admins of this site, were on the case but since I didn't see him banned yet ( clean white name, not the banned brown+stroke) and wanted to warn people I did creat this rather sloppy post.

    Bad layout ftw

    We are wating for a statement "Primavear22".


    Lanich did start the wich hunt on Primavear22 by quoting him.

    I did just TeamView Primavear to see the mysterious Skype logs that did happen between him and Lanich.
    (I think he will provide them to you mods as well):

    He, Primavear22, did never say nor admit it was him who got Confused banned.
    The quote "He got banned on Confused when he was patching and changed the password because he got scared" did never happen.

    Lanich can't (according to him) show his skype logs because he did delete and block pzzl from his Skype.
    Thats the same story that Ned said after selling his pirate "Saroway" to pzzl. He did block and delete him as well - no chat logs exists.
    When I told Lanich to recover them ( Yes, that's possible - you can recover hidden conversations e.t.c) he reacted quite grumpy.
    He doesn't see a point in defending himself.
    i cant be fucked to recover fucking chat logs
    [13:45:38] Lanich // Ostracize: its a waste of fucking time
    [13:45:41] Lanich // Ostracize: what are u trying to prove
    [13:45:42] Lanich // Ostracize: confused is gone
    [13:45:44] Lanich // Ostracize: banned
    [13:45:47] Lanich // Ostracize: what the fuck are u trying to do
    He didn't get the point that I was trying to convict him.

    About recovering convo:
    [13:33:27] Mehfailz x3: Prove me wrong
    [13:33:33] Lanich // Ostracize: lmfao
    [13:33:37] Mehfailz x3: You don't want to provide me with screenshots
    [13:33:41] Lanich // Ostracize: I CANT
    [13:33:44] Lanich // Ostracize: i have no fucking covo
    [13:33:47] Lanich // Ostracize: dont add me back to talk more shit
    [13:33:49] Mehfailz x3: You can
    [13:33:52] Lanich // Ostracize: omfg
    [13:33:58] Lanich // Ostracize: you see the optio nhide conversation?
    [13:34:01] Lanich // Ostracize: yeah u cant get that back
    [13:34:04] Lanich // Ostracize: fuck me
    ( Nope he didn't try to recover them at all)

    Futhermore his "blocking pzzl + no screenshots brother - Ned" [ Ned is "known" for being a scammer] did write this in Skype to Lanich:
    [05/08/2013 02:36:44] Lanich // Ostracize: who did u sell saroway to?
    [05/08/2013 02:36:46] Lanich // Ostracize: was it pzzl?
    [05/08/2013 02:37:00] Ned: Umm lemme check
    [05/08/2013 02:39:20] Lanich // Ostracize: mhm
    [05/08/2013 02:40:42] Ned: Ye, i think so but he didnt use pzzl he used a diffrent skype
    Yeah, thats an assumption, BUT:

    On TeamViewer I did also see that pzzl didn't even have Ned on his Skype. He also refuses to give out the PayPal evidence that it was pzzl's PayPal Account where he got the money from.

    The statement that Primavear did ever buy "Saroway" of Ned is wrong.

    Out of his madness he did even call me the scammer:
    [13:37:04] Lanich // Ostracize: you think its me who changed it right
    [13:37:08] Lanich // Ostracize: nuff said
    [13:37:08] Lanich // Ostracize: i think its u
    [13:37:11] Lanich // Ostracize: lol
    [13:39:44] Lanich // Ostracize: are you going to continue to fucking harrass me
    [13:39:52] Lanich // Ostracize: if its me who did it why am i unbanned
    [13:40:04] Lanich // Ostracize: and idgaf about confused anymore
    [13:40:08] Lanich // Ostracize: i made a new one
    [13:40:08] Lanich // Ostracize: by myself
    That's quite arrogant.

    Another funny fact is that at first Lanich did HAVE the logs, on the other day he didn't:
    First day
    [06.08.2013 00:34:01] Mehfailz x3: Provide me with the Screenshots
    [06.08.2013 00:34:13] Lanich // Ostracize: tomorrow
    [06.08.2013 00:34:13] Lanich // Ostracize: cba

    [07.08.2013 18:41:41] Lanich // Ostracize: le nah bro le man
    [07.08.2013 18:41:54] Lanich // Ostracize: ill do it myself when i munbanned
    [07.08.2013 18:41:59] Lanich // Ostracize: reaaalllyly cba sending un screenshortres

    Second day

    [07.08.2013 19:21:30] Mehfailz x3: Im waiting for them
    [07.08.2013 19:21:35] Mehfailz x3: If you can't provide them that's not my bad
    [07.08.2013 19:21:47] Mehfailz x3: And yeah, I know I'm bitching around, im pissed as hell
    [07.08.2013 19:22:40] Lanich // Ostracize: ill do it tonight
    [07.08.2013 19:22:42] Lanich // Ostracize: i pormise
    [07.08.2013 19:22:45] Lanich // Ostracize: promise
    [07.08.2013 19:22:46] Lanich // Ostracize: im tired

    Third day

    "I have no Screenshots"
    He did also not seem quite mad about the loss of Confused.

    Right now he did also delete me, refuses to provide proof or defend himself.
    I personally think that he did team up with Ned [conspiracy, hell yeah] to fool us.

    Why is providing evidence of his quote/talk with pzzl that hard? It was him that started the witch hunt - and now he doesn't want to justify it. It was also him that came up with the Saroway story.

    Sorry for the assumption Primavear22!
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    Who do you think you are?

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    That guy you are talking to there (Ned or Nediv.a) is a notorious scammer. I did his Dnav on Saroway.

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    i just recently seen this post. just now as i am busy with real life. now what is all this accusation? i do not know this ned nor saroway that you are telling.
    few accounts that i bought only on this site:
    1. Demiraid - I bought this from TotalLoser if any one still knows him.
    the account got compromised because TL just stole this from other.
    now. i can show you my paypal for proof and get you on TV to check my skype and evrything. <- my thread on BS with my Skype name on it. I have several posts here on BS too that has my skype. And i must say, I own that skype and pzzl is my skype name. Now i need proofs, real proofs not tampered. that i bought this saroway pirate. and just not a fake "pzzl" on skype bought it from this guy "ned".

    Quote Originally Posted by Mehfailz x3 View Post
    Right now he might be on a different Skype trying to fool his customers since he has "nothing to lose".
    i have evrything to loss i purchased all bots from this site except Trident and CoF

    btw, mehfailz, i really dont have a skype avatar nor other skypes. your accusation is all false.
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    Alright mates, the case got updated. Read the second half.
    Who do you think you are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehfailz x3 View Post
    Alright mates, the case got updated. Read the second half.
    No prob on the false accusation, i just want my name and reputation to be clean

    and we never profited about this project omnis of Lanich because he got it banned.
    Lanich is lucky that we didnt charge him of the stats we contribute to his so called project.

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    i thought the "project omnis" thread was primavear's

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    Quote Originally Posted by LUCKY View Post
    i thought the "project omnis" thread was primavear's
    that thread was really old bro.

    the discussed pirate on this report thread (named: confused) was a different project that Lanich made.

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    ah, gotcha

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    The way I see it this Lanich guy is a notorious person , I've seen his name appear in some topics in this section.

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    You guys think I did it.

    Nuff said tbh.

    Long story short, I didn't provide Mr MehFailz a screenshot so it was me. Figures.

    Let's all think about something.

    I don't care about Confused being hacked because it's banned, even if we were to get the password back what use it is, why would I sit crying about something that is dead anyway.
    Also I never accused Pzzl of being the perpetrator, he just seemed the most obvious person.

    [07/08/2013 17:40:42] Mehfailz x3: Provide me with the screenshots please.
    [07/08/2013 17:40:49] Mehfailz x3: Going to write a short post
    [07/08/2013 17:40:54] Lanich // Ostracize: i cant be asssskkeeeeddd
    [07/08/2013 17:40:59] Lanich // Ostracize: go on teamviewer and do it urselff
    [07/08/2013 17:41:06] Mehfailz x3: YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF
    [07/08/2013 17:41:08] Mehfailz x3: (sun)

    seems legit.
    I even offered you to login to my PC and get the screenshots yourself, since I really couldn't be bothered.

    [07/08/2013 17:37:13] pzzl never said it
    [07/08/2013 17:37:13] Lanich // Ostracize: ned did
    [07/08/2013 17:37:23] Mehfailz x3: pzzl's lie = got scared

    I told you specifically Pzzl never said it, Ned did, yet you continue to say that Pzzl said it.

    [05/08/2013 02:36:44] Lanich // Ostracize: who did u sell saroway to?
    [05/08/2013 02:36:46] Lanich // Ostracize: was it pzzl?
    [05/08/2013 02:37:00] Ned: Umm lemme check
    [05/08/2013 02:39:20] Lanich // Ostracize: mhm
    [05/08/2013 02:40:42] Ned: Ye, i think so but he didnt use pzzl he used a diffrent skype
    [05/08/2013 02:41:20] Lanich // Ostracize: mind giving me his skype?
    [05/08/2013 02:44:58] Ned: He unfreinded me

    You can see I'm trying to get answers from Ned about Saroway and Pzzl, and he told me it was Pzzl who bought it, so how am I setting anything up? I'm going specifically on what Ned said to me.

    [05/08/2013 02:34:20] James Lau: Ned is talking to me
    [05/08/2013 02:34:21] James Lau: so he's here
    [05/08/2013 02:34:29] James Lau: i told him to talk to you Lanich

    I'm not even friends with Ned, James is. So that opens up a whole'nother window. I was trying to get ahold of Ned yet he wouldn't speak to me so I had to ask James (Ned's friend) to tell him to give me answers.

    [05/08/2013 02:26:47] Mehfailz x3: It either was James or pzzl

    You think it's one of the two: James or Pzzl. based on the last chat I pasted. Checkmate.

    Finally, I never had the logs, you just wouldn't get off my dick. I deleted Pzzl as soon as we thought it was him who did it.
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