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    ragegrifith and florentas10 tryed to scam me on skype:)

    [2:22:10 PM] Tulba Adrian: i think i sold him poe
    [2:22:12 PM] Tulba Adrian: but im not sure
    [2:22:16 PM] Tulba Adrian: what is his skype?
    [2:22:28 PM] Ali Furkan: ragegrifith
    [2:23:14 PM] Ali Furkan: and
    [2:23:18 PM] Ali Furkan: this is his thread
    [2:23:19 PM] Ali Furkan:
    [2:23:59 PM] Tulba Adrian: reding it now
    [2:24:02 PM] Tulba Adrian: reading
    [2:24:36 PM] Tulba Adrian: k scarecrow vouched for him
    [2:24:41 PM] Tulba Adrian: ill accept him
    [2:24:50 PM] *** Ali Furkan created a group conversation with Ricky.
    Show group conversation ***

    His skype name was : ragegrifith, not ragegriffith

    the group conv:

    [2:24:50 PM] *** Ali Furkan added Ricky ***
    [2:24:56 PM] Ricky: hey
    [2:24:58 PM] Ali Furkan: hey
    [2:25:35 PM] Ali Furkan: i wanted to u mm this poe transfer
    [2:25:39 PM] Tulba Adrian: well im gonna start with this
    [2:25:39 PM] Ricky: good i can do that
    [2:25:51 PM] Tulba Adrian: your skype username does not match the original
    [2:25:59 PM] Tulba Adrian: Ragegriffith
    [2:26:02 PM] Tulba Adrian: this is the one
    [2:26:20 PM] Tulba Adrian: good try bros
    [2:26:29 PM] Ricky: thanks
    [2:26:42 PM] Tulba Adrian: srsly, im offended u even tryed
    [2:26:49 PM] Ricky: saw late
    [2:26:55 PM] Ricky: and wanted to try my chance
    [2:27:08 PM] Tulba Adrian: does this work with any1?
    [2:27:13 PM] Ricky: actually
    [2:27:15 PM] Ricky: i got like 400$
    [2:27:20 PM] Ricky: in poe and real $
    [2:27:42 PM] Tulba Adrian: sounds fun.... well congrats to u
    [2:27:43 PM] Ricky: just had some problem with adding credit cards
    [2:27:54 PM] Tulba Adrian: u must be smart if u are able to trick idiots
    [2:28:11 PM] Ricky: i even tricked someone who uses real rage and pain
    [2:28:21 PM] Ricky: i talked with him about his late scam (it was me)
    [2:28:28 PM] Ricky: and done 60$ in a sec
    [2:28:44 PM] Ricky: i mean last scam
    [2:28:46 PM] Ricky: late is wrong
    [2:29:07 PM] Tulba Adrian: lol, ok im gonna report this btw
    [2:29:20 PM] Ricky: got banned already on BS
    [2:29:41 PM] Ricky: go search for florentas
    [2:30:49 PM] Ricky: anyway going to play War Z

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    Yeah that was my imposter. Add my skype if you want to use me in the future.

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