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    Reporting totalloser

    I know Totalloser is already banned from this forum.
    but I'm still making an official report.

    The owner of the account he sold me purchased his services and TL hacked it.
    Anyway, the account had been compromised because someone reported that is was their account (ypp locked it) and after a day the account was banned for evasion (im not playing on tainted)

    He may try to appeal. but please do not 'unban' him without refunding me.

    (evidences of purchase and skype chatlogs can be veiwed by mod+ via teamviewer)

    edit: even trusted members scam sometimes, just a heads-up

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    Ill be honest, I considered one of his accts once but a dear friend of mine said.."hes sketchy at best" so I opted not to go there :/ Sorry for your loss...

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    Yep I can confirm this, he did services for a guy, the guy never changed his pass so he attempted to sell the account.

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    Thanks for the proper report.


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