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Thread: Ignore this skype user, he has intentions to scam

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    Ignore this skype user, he has intentions to scam

    I don't know his bot supply name but he is most likely a ban evader. He or she will add you straight through skype looking to buy poe or whatever he or she can scam out of you. He has already tried to scam a few members. They were lucky and refused to go first or use a MM.

    Here is another skype that is a scammer.
    His profile.
    Working on getting the proof from my friend

    Sorry if this is the wrong place
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    +1. He tried to get me to go first on a 500k trade, and when i got an MM he removed me immediately

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    Moving to report a member as "warning," however proof will be needed for further action to take place. Do not post in any of his sales threads or further "trash" this member unless you have proof or you will receive an infraction.


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    This is believed to be an impostor unless the accusing party proves otherwise (a PM from the account on Bot-Supply will suffice).

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    The Atothek imposter is the banned user Lipton if I remember correctly.
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