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Thread: Report Emerald

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    Report Emerald

    I want to report Emerald on Bot-supply,safetyfirst.ok on skype and Sunchi Purba email of scamming me,of course its same guy all those information about him.
    I have 4 transaction with this guy first one in 02-23-2013 second on 03-21-2013 , in 03-28-2013 and the last one in 04-06-2013...
    I will upload all the information will be necesary for first transaction and of course ,if is necesary for all...
    Here pictures where he add me and asked for information:

    Here he sended me the 25$ CAD for 875k:

    And here he thanks me and vouch eatchother:

    All his paypall information about that transaction:

    And now the transaction that he disputed:


    If need addtional information i will be here to do all necesary things to prove Emerald guilty

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    User was banned.

    Thank you for possibly the first properly done report case. <3

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    User has been unbanned as he was RAT'd.

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