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    Petitioning the G-Star ban

    Well. I saw the ban on G-Star, and it made me a little confused.
    1 ~ The person reporting him stated that a pirate named " Mistake " stole 3 M PoE from him.
    I have skype convo's stating that a day or two before the ban, the pirate "Mistake" got a temp ban for one week ( For swearing ) so there is no way that a pirate named 'mistake' could have stolen this PoE.

    2 ~ I know G-Star, and I know that he would not steal PoE. Hes been on my account without TeamViewer, and i've been on his. It's had quite a bit of stuff on it, and nothing has ever been stolen. I hope that this thread can bring my friend back to Bot-Supply. Thank you.
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    I'm sorry, Gonna play a YPP card; only the owner of the account may appeal for an unban.

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    My apologies Scare, he disputed to me in PM and I asked him to create a thread so that all his facts and arguments could be laid out clearly with evidence.

    Thank you for your appeal Omegwavex, however the pirate 'Mistake' was not the one accused of stealing the PoE.

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