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    Reporting siderz94

    He was banned for scamming from bot-supply almost 5 years ago, now he is back ban evading and looking for more people to scam. Here is his new link

    ou can check this link where he says his skype his Konsta... few months ago too, please check the following Link

    Add me on skype: Konstantin_12 or contact me on here 38$ per mill or we can arrange some offer
    I got now on Emerald too so which ever ocean u need contact me
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    He was banned already from buypoe

    Reporting Siderz

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    Bot-supply isn't even 5 years old..
    Apparently, in order to remain anonymous, you need a username that has no relativity to yourself whatsoever.
    That explains mine.

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    Siderz94 banned for ban evasion.


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