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    WatchOut scammer

    Today WtchOut contact me on skype interested to buy from me...The proofs are speaking for themself..
    Skype chat:
    [14:15:22] Matt Johnson: got stock yet?
    [14:33:02] Gold Coin: yes
    [14:33:14] Matt Johnson: how much
    [14:33:18] Gold Coin: 5m
    [14:33:20] Matt Johnson: ill buy up to $110 worth
    [14:34:02] Gold Coin: 3,5m
    [14:34:17] Matt Johnson: 3.75?
    [14:34:50] Gold Coin: 3,6
    [14:34:57] Matt Johnson: hm
    [14:35:02] Matt Johnson: Yeah sure I guess.
    [14:35:10] Matt Johnson: Is SF fine for you?
    [14:35:15] Matt Johnson: Tourny
    [14:35:30] Gold Coin: is better in poker bro
    [14:35:35] Gold Coin: if is fine with you of course
    [14:35:43] Gold Coin: we go on a same insland
    [14:35:47] Matt Johnson: Nuh dude, ive been banned with poker before
    [14:35:54] Gold Coin: and make a table just for local players
    [14:36:31] Gold Coin: brb 2 min
    [14:36:33] Gold Coin: i go smoke
    [14:42:16] Gold Coin: tell me u bp name
    [14:42:45] Matt Johnson: im WatchOut on B-S
    [14:42:50] Matt Johnson: I have 16 vouches
    [14:43:21] Gold Coin: send a message to GoldCoin
    [14:43:27] Matt Johnson: pm me
    [14:43:29] Gold Coin: to confrm that pls
    [14:43:30] Matt Johnson: and ill reply
    [14:44:32] Gold Coin: i will reaply to threat
    [14:44:39] Gold Coin: ok?
    [14:44:44] Matt Johnson: hm?
    [14:45:08] Gold Coin: "ready to buy 3,6m with 110$"
    [14:45:12] Gold Coin: if its ok to you
    [14:45:15] Matt Johnson: aight
    [14:45:20] Matt Johnson: just pm me and ill reply
    [14:46:13] Gold Coin: done
    [14:46:17] Gold Coin: at your profile
    [14:46:23] Matt Johnson: yeah i see it
    [14:46:50] Matt Johnson: replied
    [14:47:35] Gold Coin: we will do it 4 times
    [14:47:39] Gold Coin: 3 times 30$ for 1m
    [14:47:44] Gold Coin: than 20$ for 600k
    [14:47:54] Gold Coin: pls sent it like a gift on paypal
    [14:47:58] Gold Coin: i will go first
    [14:48:03] Gold Coin: on wich server u need the poe?
    [14:48:07] Matt Johnson: Emmy
    [14:48:13] Matt Johnson: Whats ur paypal?
    [14:48:42] Gold Coin:
    [14:48:48] Gold Coin: tell me pirate name
    [14:49:05] Matt Johnson: meet me at lincoln inn for tourny
    [14:49:49] Matt Johnson: Is it alright if we do 1.5 then 2mil
    [14:50:02] Matt Johnson: to save time, and so its less vulnerable to OM's?
    [14:50:10] Gold Coin: is better 1m eatch time
    [14:50:14] Gold Coin: more safe
    [14:50:17] Gold Coin: if u wanna go first
    [14:50:18] Matt Johnson: no not really
    [14:50:21] Gold Coin: we can do it
    [14:50:29] Gold Coin: but i cant risk 2m to go first....
    [14:50:30] Matt Johnson: how would it look being an OM seeing 4 1M tournys with 2 ppl :P
    [14:50:40] Matt Johnson: Thats why I said 1.5 then 2mil dude
    [14:50:59] Gold Coin: if you are willing to go first
    [14:51:07] Gold Coin: we can make it 2 times with np
    [14:51:20] Matt Johnson: you have no vouches though ;/
    [14:51:32] Gold Coin: check bp
    [14:51:45] Gold Coin: i sold some this week and last week
    [14:51:49] Matt Johnson: well not enough for me to send like $55 going first lol
    [14:51:56] Matt Johnson: lets just do this
    [14:51:58] Matt Johnson: ready when u r
    [14:52:09] Gold Coin: what island?
    [14:52:40] Matt Johnson: lincoln inn
    [14:52:56] Gold Coin: u pirate name?
    [14:53:11] Matt Johnson: Guhlp
    [14:53:25] Gold Coin: so i done first tourney for 1m
    [14:53:39] Matt Johnson: make it 2 pirates
    [14:53:42] Matt Johnson: starting in 1 min
    [14:53:43] Matt Johnson: local
    [14:53:49] Gold Coin: entry free
    [14:53:53] Gold Coin: winner 1m
    [14:54:00] Matt Johnson: foils
    [14:54:07] Matt Johnson: incase we get a joiner ill beat them
    [14:54:23] Gold Coin: foils mean what?
    [14:54:55] Matt Johnson: as the swords
    [14:55:02] Gold Coin: here is someone
    [14:55:03] Matt Johnson: i can win against anyone with a foil
    [14:55:14] Gold Coin: lets go somewhere else
    [14:55:45] Matt Johnson: she wont join dude
    [14:55:46] Matt Johnson: dont worry
    [14:55:57] Gold Coin: go to governator house
    [14:56:02] Gold Coin: we make there a toruney
    [14:56:05] Gold Coin: more safety
    [14:56:10] Matt Johnson: ok
    [14:56:48] Gold Coin: done
    [14:56:56] Matt Johnson: delete it quick
    [14:57:05] Matt Johnson: make it a puzzle free for everyone
    [14:57:21] Gold Coin: cant delete it
    [14:57:24] Gold Coin: or how?
    [14:57:28] Matt Johnson: resign
    [14:57:31] Matt Johnson: then you can
    [14:57:39] Gold Coin: done
    [14:58:14] Gold Coin: why it doesnt was good?lol
    [14:58:18] Gold Coin: entry was free
    [14:58:26] Matt Johnson: make it a puzzle free to play
    [14:58:33] Matt Johnson: i dont got parlour badge :P
    [14:58:39] Gold Coin: come on
    [14:58:42] Gold Coin: its 12k one
    [14:58:49] Gold Coin: i give u 12k to go and buy
    [14:58:53] Matt Johnson: okay
    [14:59:05] Gold Coin: give me a hat or something
    [15:00:11] Matt Johnson: ok ready
    [15:00:38] Gold Coin: done
    [15:01:23] Matt Johnson: stall
    [15:01:23] Matt Johnson: ok
    [15:01:28] Matt Johnson: to make it look legit
    [15:01:39] Gold Coin: make it least like 1m?
    [15:01:42] Gold Coin: 1min
    [15:01:47] Matt Johnson: yeah
    [15:01:49] Gold Coin: ok
    [15:01:50] Matt Johnson: stall
    [15:01:54] Gold Coin: u can send on paypal
    [15:01:54] Matt Johnson: ill just build big
    [15:01:57] Matt Johnson: okay
    [15:02:01] Matt Johnson: its ready when i win
    [15:02:12] Gold Coin: send it gift
    [15:03:50] Gold Coin: fuck you
    [15:03:52] Gold Coin: scammer
    And here are proofs that he is watch out:
    Here are proofs that he got the poe in game:
    Please bann him.I know that i cant take back the amont of poe but if I know that here on forum is with a scammer in less i will be happy.Ty a lot

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    I believe you need a picture of his skype/skype id.

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    Okay im just gonna say this now.. Please remove the images of PP because it has either your name or his name in it and OOO actually looks on this website and can easily ban you.
    Also, you'll have to post images of the skype chat instead of copy/paste the chat.

    @Staff, sorry for posting where I'm not needed.
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    User Watchout has been banned for scamming.

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