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    Reporting scammer Named " watchout "

    Okay, this guy basicly said, he will not go first so he said. how about we do this. u put 1mil in a chest, I take it out. Then i pay u 50$ on paypay then u put other 2mil in and ill give u other 50. i done the 1 mil and he logged off. Another member from this form then said that he new his real skype and ect. and he gave half of it then logged, If any admin wants to see me with Team Viewer im more the happy too. thanks

    P.S his name is Watchout in caps and lowercase

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    Add me on Skype: Thescarecrow-botsupply, so we can sort this out. My apologies for the late response, I've been busy with my job in real life as well as other projects and this should have been my priority.

    Please remember that posting in Report a Member is against the rules.


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    Sorry I recieved an Infraction for also having evidence on this report? I was saving on another thread.

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    There was no clear evidence. All you said was that you verified this guy scammed Blake and that you got the PoE back for him, I cannot take the word of another witness I still have to verify the evidence myself.

    Seeing as you supplied no real evidence to the case, you were given an infraction for posting in Report a Member.

    Either way:

    Quote Originally Posted by Champ View Post
    Your thread will be locked if these rules are not followed.

    • Proof is REQUIRED. If you post a report without any proof, you WILL be given an infraction. You are wasting our time by not posting proof.
    • Text logs are NOT proof! Posting MSN chatlogs will cause your thread to be ignored.
    • Do not re-size or edit any of your pictures.
    • If your thread is locked for insufficient proof, do not make a new thread unless you have additional evidence.
    • Staff members will not download your files.
    • The only people who are allowed to post in a thread is the creator, the accused party, and any staff member. Any posts by any other member will be deleted and the user will be given an infraction.
    • If you have evidence to help someone's case please contact a staff member.
    Please next time read the rules before you start complaining about infractions.

    Edit: If you have any real evidence please post it now, I will not be removing the infraction as it does state that any person other than the accused, creator or staff members posts will be removed and if you have evidence you are to contact a staff member.

    If you have issues understanding the rules please also contact me via a PM and I will run you through them.
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