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Thread: Reporting Recep

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    Reporting Recep

    Edited Pictures due to user request - Scare

    First photo - They trade 1 mill successfully and then he says hurry up and my friend puts 3 mill into the chest and he takes it and runs

    Second & Third photos - Showing he's deket on buypoe, (Kandor showing the chat log between them that he sent to show that he had vouches)

    Fourth photo - "I gave you all your money"

    Fifth photo - No he didn't

    Sixth photo - He has a scammers paypal

    Seventh photo - He changes his story up, if he hadn't given him the three mill why would it take 3 days for him to realize that and bring it up? (Ignore the part where he says he has an admin on tv, my friend doesn't actually frequent buypoe or bs and this was his first trade)

    My friend also contacted him several times in between when the trade took place (The 22nd) and when the conversation in the 7th photo happened (today) and nowhere before my friend said he had someone on teamviewer did he say that he didn't receive 4 mill.

    He also says that they did the trade they agreed on, which you can see is 4 mill for 35/mill

    tl;dr scammers can get scammed and it doesn't make them any less of a scammer
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    Banned. Email is the same as someone named Fastfax who I banned a little while ago for scamming.

    Thankyou for doing the appeal properly.


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