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    Reporting Equilibrium

    This is his post:
    He was offering a free sf/rumble stat service
    I contacted him over skype and we TV'd to input my info
    Then he is really sketchy with everything taking lots of time to do everything and messing me around
    Now my account password has been changed and i can no longer access it
    I can only assume that he has hacked me as he is now not talking to me on skype

    I was doing the service just fine, I went to renowned from able. I took a break and he decided to log on. As soon as he logged on my pirate got logged off and the pass had been changed. I have vouhes I have been here for so long. I wouldnt throw that all away for 89 poe which was on the account. Now he says he will have a hacker get all my information so he can fuck with me. Please Help me out.

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    Instead of creating a whole new thread for a response, simply replying to Equilibrium's thread would of been sufficient.

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