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    Reporting Enzenemy

    I was offering a Bnav survice for cheap prices, and he comes out of nowhere and says that the only reason I made my prices so cheap was because i wanted to out-sell him.
    When the reason I made my prices so cheap is because not everyone has millions of PoE.
    Because of what he did, I got PMs from a lot of people saying that they wont buy because of what he said, saying I was a scammer or w/e.
    So because of him I lost about 150-200k
    Also Hi-jacking my thread and swearing me out.

    Proof/ link to thread :
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    The report a member section is not only for scamming cases and banning. It can be used for literally anything(involving another member on this site).

    I cleaned the thread up and gave him an infraction, next time it happens it will be a week ban.

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