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Thread: Reporting Whyaye

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    Reporting Whyaye

    The 'great' Whyaye has made a return to bot-supply, however I must inform you that he isnt so 'great'.

    While he was banned Whyaye had skype statuses stating he was selling bots, I purchased an AOF poker bot (which I had no problems with and think works great) and a Gunning bot (problematic).

    I paid $20 USD for this gun bot and was told only after I tried it that it only works on windows 10. I use windows 7 (the most popular operating system) and was told it is my fault and should upgrade my operating system. I also have a laptop which runs windows 10 and it still did not work (surprise surprise)The bot only moves the mouse rapidly around the board but does not recognizes pieces or load cannons as advertised. The next day I was banned for botting. Two days later after ignoring my request to screen share on Skype to prove it doesn't work I get a message asking for video proof. I had full untainted and was not interested in using a bot that didn't work and highly likely got me banned as I asked him to screen share with me prior and was ignored.

    Relevant picture links:
    Contact info:
    1. $20 for the gun bot.
    2. Sends me the bot after 2 days of waiting after payment was sent + Me beginning to complain it doesn't work.
    3. Tells me I need to upgrade my pc just to use his bot. Banned the following day, ignores my replies.
    4. By now I have done a full untaint of my computer as he takes days to reply. Starts acting like I want a refund simply because I was banned which is not the case.
    5. Days later he asks for a video but refuses to watch my screen on skype?
    6. Screenshot of me sending a picture of my computer specs + proof I use windows 7.
    The rest is just pointless arguing. All I hope to gain from this either:
    1. Whyaye refunds me my $20 and is free to continue on bot-supply doing whatever it is he does.
    2. Whyaye receives the ban hammer for scamming.

    Thankyou for taking the time to look over this pointless petty argument which should never have had to happen.
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    I got about 3 lines in before seeing you writing lies, so I as I said I won't bother arguing with you anymore.

    For those interested in the real facts.

    Said noober dog came to ME after I was banned for 12 months and basically inactive and asked to buy my 2 bots (given I had not been advertising whatsoever, I assumed he had read my sales threads back in the day and thats how he knew I had bots to sell and I assumed he knew everything about them) He never asked whether theyd be compatiable with Win 7 btw and in my inactive not really caring state, I didn't tell him.

    Fast forward 24 hours where the harassment begin. I won't go into too much detail, but as always, per my refund policy, I said please send me a video of the bugs you're having so I can try to help or refund you. I was declined, then he went abusing me again where I told him I've given him an option to send me a small video and then I would help him.

    He declined again for some reason. No response for 2 weeks ish, then he calls me a cunt and blocks me.

    And now after 4 months from that time, he comes begging me and Mehfailz for $20 again. Because money is not an issue to me, Mehfailz proposed I give him back 50% ($10) to call it a day and stop his whining. Nathan quickly responded with a no, and later on said he'd rather get 0 then half. So he doesn't wish to compromise, so I will be happy for the Mod team (Face, Dan, Mehfailz & Sobo) to decide the fate of this case (AS LONG as you're willing to put your pink slip (account) up if they come to the conclusion you are an idiot.
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    All hail King Whyaye
    *Waits for infraction for posting in a report thread*
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    As an ex-staffer, the mod team & I don't have a problem with you posting in report-a-member threads, Pikachu.

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    Edit: nevermind
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    Who do you think you are?

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