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    Reporting Mandango

    reporting mandango. sold me an account and now I am banned because he reported it as compromised. don't know what to show to prove it but I'm out of 5m . charging back the payment immediately.

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    Well firstly did u change any information to the account as that can sometimes trigger the account to be banned for compromised. Also i dont think its very smart the way he did the transaction. he should have just sold the poe instead of putting it on an account. Very risky move. Anyways wish you best of luck solving this issue but in my opinion if you changed any details to the account hes not liable. but the mods will be the ones with an opinion that matters!

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    ... the note the gm's was REPORTED AS compromised... THUS . someone had reported it as compromised. and the only one who knew the account was indeed the seller. its perfectly fine I reversed the money sent paypal was very helpful a simple phone call and done!

    I just don't him to do this to someone else...

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    I did not report the account as compromised.

    I just checked and I can't log in to the account, so I can only assume you have changed the password.

    Can you prove the account was banned?

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    Could both parties please add me on Skype so we can resolve the issue?
    Who do you think you are?

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