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    Reporting Why-aye

    I have proof Of Whyaye scamming me for 1m poe, he claimed Mehfailz was telling him to, Someone tell me how to screenshot on a Toshiba laptop asap, and ill provide the proof!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kieranmcwil View Post
    I have proof Of Whyaye scamming me for 1m poe, he claimed Mehfailz was telling him to, Someone tell me how to screenshot on a Toshiba laptop asap, and ill provide the proof!
    [01:54:23] live:kieranmcw: do you buy poe?
    [02:38:54] live:kieranmcw: ?
    [03:11:17] Why Aye: yes
    [03:17:15] live:kieranmcw: ill sell you poe?
    [03:19:12] Why Aye: aight
    [03:19:14] Why Aye: how much you got?
    [03:19:30] live:kieranmcw: ill sell 1m for $30?
    [03:19:56] Why Aye: you only got 1m to sell?
    [03:20:00] Why Aye: I can buy bulk if you got
    [03:20:15] live:kieranmcw: nah not doing bulj
    [03:21:10] Why Aye: aight
    [03:21:14] Why Aye: 27.50 for 1m and ill do it
    [03:22:37] live:kieranmcw: sure
    [03:23:00] Why Aye: can you wait 10mins?
    [03:23:02] Why Aye: eating lunch
    [03:23:07] live:kieranmcw: yes
    [03:26:00] live:kieranmcw: tell me when you're ready
    [03:33:20] live:kieranmcw: ready?
    [03:56:57] Why Aye: 3mins broski
    [03:58:54] live:kieranmcw: My paypal is
    [04:07:02] live:kieranmcw: ready?
    [04:14:49] live:kieranmcw: ready/
    [04:48:26] Why Aye: sorry about the wait man had computer problems haha
    [04:48:29] Why Aye: just loggin on ypp now
    [04:49:58] live:kieranmcw: name?
    [04:52:33] Why Aye: Imtheonegf
    [04:52:51] live:kieranmcw: give me 10 mins
    [05:02:33] live:kieranmcw: ready?
    [05:02:42] Why Aye: yeah mate
    [05:05:10] live:kieranmcw: got my paypal?
    [05:05:26] Why Aye:
    [05:06:13] live:kieranmcw: sec
    [05:06:17] live:kieranmcw: how much?
    [05:06:23] Why Aye: 1m
    [05:06:28] live:kieranmcw: $27.50?
    [05:06:31] Why Aye: yup
    [05:07:39] live:kieranmcw: 1m poe paid and screenshotted
    [05:07:44] Why Aye: okay
    [05:07:49] Why Aye: now before I pay you
    [05:07:52] live:kieranmcw: stay online, I will do 1m more mayeb
    [05:07:56] Why Aye: i want to know why youre banned on bot supply
    [05:08:20] live:kieranmcw: ive got a new account now, its fine
    [05:08:38] Why Aye: That's not what I asked
    [05:08:39] live:kieranmcw: I didn't know it was illegal to advertise buying bots
    [05:09:29] Why Aye: Okay, listen up. When you make a successful appeal on your main account and get unbanned I will pay you the $27.50 we agreed upon or I will transfer you this 1M back
    [05:09:40] Why Aye: The 1M will not leave me alt account until that is done
    [05:09:47] live:kieranmcw: scammed?
    [05:10:00] live:kieranmcw: my main will stay banned and I don't mind
    [05:10:02] Why Aye: I am doing this because I am sick of scammers on Bot Supply thinking its okay to take from others
    [05:10:19] live:kieranmcw: im screenshotting all of this, no need to worry
    [05:10:21] Why Aye: So until you give back what you took and get unbanned, this 1M will stay in my care
    [05:10:35] live:kieranmcw: didn't take anything
    [05:10:48] live:kieranmcw: so in 5 mins, youll see that youre banned on bot supply
    [05:10:57] Why Aye: The Mods at Bot Supply don't ban permanently for small things
    [05:11:10] Why Aye: I will ask Mehfailz now what your original ban was for
    [05:11:15] live:kieranmcw: either pay back my 1m, or im showing proof
    [05:11:24] Why Aye: If it was for what you said then you can appeal that ban and you will be paid
    [05:11:29] Why Aye: Otherwise, its your fault mate
    [05:11:44] live:kieranmcw: my new account is better
    [05:12:39] live:kieranmcw: refund that 1m now, last chance
    [05:13:20] Why Aye: I have not scammed you mate. Like I said, get unbanned on your main and I will pay you the agreed amount or refund the 1M (whatever you choose)
    [05:13:29] live:kieranmcw: im talking with Pikachu right now, sending him the proof
    [05:13:37] Why Aye: You've been banned atleast 2 times on alt accounts you've evaded on that Ive seen in the last 2mins
    [05:13:45] Why Aye: Pikachu isn't even a mod you idiot lmao
    [05:13:49] live:kieranmcw: i don't need to be unbanned Pikachu said
    [05:13:56] live:kieranmcw: his friend is.
    [05:14:00] live:kieranmcw: hes posting all now
    [05:15:07] Why Aye: okay
    [05:15:16] live:kieranmcw: refund my 1m and its done
    [05:15:16] Why Aye: give me the name of the account you guy 'banned for advertising bots on'
    [05:15:26] live:kieranmcw: no
    [05:15:33] live:kieranmcw: i was told i don't have to prove anything
    [05:15:57] live:kieranmcw: and that you're breaking the rules
    [05:17:42] live:kieranmcw: i told Pikachu to wait, are you paying my 1m right now, yes or no answer
    [05:17:54] Why Aye: I'm talking to mehfailz as we speak
    [05:18:00] Why Aye: give me the name of the account you first got banned on
    [05:18:05] Why Aye: if it was for the reason you said
    [05:18:08] live:kieranmcw: no
    [05:18:08] Why Aye: you will be paid
    [05:18:20] live:kieranmcw: i don't have to
    [05:18:29] live:kieranmcw: fine anyway
    [05:18:30] live:kieranmcw: kestro7
    [05:19:36] live:kieranmcw: now he will confirm, you can pay my 1m poe and not be banned
    [05:21:14] live:kieranmcw: also have screenshots of the chat, and proof it is you
    [05:21:21] live:kieranmcw: you have until 25 minutes past
    [05:30:20] live:kieranmcw: posting <3
    [05:31:41] live:kieranmcw: it says you're online, are you paying me or not.
    [05:34:53] live:kieranmcw: You're banned!!
    [05:41:29] live:kieranmcw: ?
    [05:42:06] live:kieranmcw: tell me what you're going to do then

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    Actually Mehfailz didn't even know I did this, I just asked him to check what your original ban was for.

    In other new:

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    OP is a ban evader. Banned.

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