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Thread: Scam Report: Pikachu

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    Exclamation Scam Report: Pikachu

    Edit from Mehfailz: It's been confirmed Daltonc fell for an impersonator. Pikachu is not a scammer.

    He initially wanted 1m on Emerald ocean for $30, he wanted to do an initial 100k for $3 to make sure everything was legit and that went smoothly. The chat log from skype verifies the rest.

    [8:36:49 AM] *** pikachu bot-supply would like to add you on Skype

    Hi ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
    [8:37:24 AM] *** ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐ has shared contact details with pikachu bot-supply. ***
    [8:37:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: hello
    [8:37:44 AM] pikachu bot-supply: can I buy some poe, ill test with 100k first, whats you're paypal?
    [8:37:59 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: how much poe do you want to get?
    [8:39:01 AM] pikachu bot-supply: 1m
    [8:39:04 AM] pikachu bot-supply: for $30.
    [8:39:08 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: alright
    [8:39:13 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: whats the email?
    [8:39:17 AM] pikachu bot-supply: I also have over 100 likes on bot-supply.
    [8:39:37 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: well ive been on BS for over 4+ years with no problems and vouches
    [8:40:19 AM] pikachu bot-supply: I have many vouches also, 30+, but ill send first for so low, as I know you wont scam my email is, whats your paypal
    [8:40:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I'm gonna invoice you
    [8:40:40 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: do you have enough poker still to poker it away?
    [8:41:03 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i can't sorry, im using my alt to collect, just let me win a rumble/
    [8:41:25 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: my rumble skill isant high enough to wager that much
    [8:41:42 AM] pikachu bot-supply: SF or TD or drink.
    [8:41:57 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: none of them do I have solid in
    [8:42:35 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: the first $3 for 100k sent
    [8:42:42 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: also send me your ign
    [8:44:11 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: let me know when the money has been sent
    [8:44:21 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: along with the Alt's IGN
    [8:46:01 AM] pikachu bot-supply: second
    [8:46:15 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: alrighty
    [8:47:37 AM] pikachu bot-supply: paid
    [8:47:50 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: let me just verify the payment. one second
    [8:47:55 AM] pikachu bot-supply: my alt is belueberry
    [8:48:07 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: payment received inviting the alt in game
    [8:48:40 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: reluctance
    [8:49:13 AM] pikachu bot-supply: View Profile: Pikachu - Bot Supply - Free and Premium Bots for Puzzle Pirates
    [8:50:06 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: first payment successful
    [8:50:18 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: would you like to send the other $27 now?
    [8:50:28 AM] pikachu bot-supply: Can i go first now? check my page, i just want to be able to have you're vouch.
    [8:50:28 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: or do another increment amount?
    [8:50:52 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: oh you want me to trade the 900k to you before payment?
    [8:51:24 AM] pikachu bot-supply: if you trust me enough that would be great, but just however much, i need more vouches, trying to become staff
    [8:53:18 AM] pikachu bot-supply: we doing 200k
    [8:53:22 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: alright
    [8:53:25 AM] pikachu bot-supply: or can we do 400k?
    [8:53:31 AM] pikachu bot-supply: then ill do the other 500k first
    [8:53:32 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: since we don't have the skills to wager we will play you win and ill trade it
    [8:54:01 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: 400k
    [8:54:07 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: just accept challenge and win
    [8:54:10 AM] pikachu bot-supply: sure
    [8:54:31 AM] pikachu bot-supply: if you want to we can do the whole 900k for $27
    [8:54:59 AM] pikachu bot-supply: what do you want to do, im comfortable with either tbh.
    [8:55:21 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: we can just do the whole 900k becasuse the smaller the incriments the less money I make
    [8:55:28 AM] pikachu bot-supply: yeah.
    [8:57:35 AM] pikachu bot-supply: my screen froze at the top xD
    [8:58:10 AM] pikachu bot-supply: how much poe you got for sale?
    [8:58:19 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: money request sent
    [8:58:21 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i have $66 i can spend.
    [8:58:33 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ill send it. and how much will you do for $66?
    [8:58:49 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: that would technically be 2.2m
    [8:59:04 AM] pikachu bot-supply: do me 2.3m since the transactions have went so smoothly
    [8:59:08 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ill also vouch for you
    [8:59:40 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: but that sell put me down to 900k so if you give me alittle bit to play some 200k aof and get back up in the million we can do that today for sure!
    [8:59:56 AM] pikachu bot-supply: you have 900k left?
    [8:59:56 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: did you get the money req?
    [8:59:58 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I do
    [9:00:05 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: 873k
    [9:00:06 AM] pikachu bot-supply: $25 for it
    [9:00:18 AM] pikachu bot-supply: so ill owe you $52
    [9:00:32 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: as appealing as that is I cant sell it because I need it too make more
    [9:00:39 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: since AoF is all luck
    [9:01:01 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i need more for my cade..
    [9:01:16 AM] pikachu bot-supply: can you quickly aof just now then, and ill talk on puzzle pirates?
    [9:01:25 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: If you wouldn't mind my friend can you vouche for me here ---> As well as send me the other $27 I have requested VIA email?
    [9:02:05 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: yeah I'm about to try and host a 200k AoF but I need to finish this up with the payments and vouches and then go get some cigs for the store down the street
    [9:02:34 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I will keep you a reserved 2.2m
    [9:02:38 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i will vouch yes, and also, can you not win more just now, because i am taxed on payments also, so id rather pay all in one. and give you extra money, other than paypal.
    [9:03:25 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: well you see since I didn't know that you need more before the transaction. I would have just played and waited
    [9:03:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: but it's fin
    [9:03:41 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: let me go get some cigs and then ill come back and win you another 2.2m
    [9:04:05 AM] pikachu bot-supply: sure, can i keep the $27 just now, and ill pay it if you lose the AOF, and if you win, ill buy the 2.2m
    [9:04:44 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: sure, friend. Mind vouching for me tho? Ill be rb just gonna make a quick gas station run
    [9:04:51 AM] pikachu bot-supply: sure my friend.
    [9:20:17 AM] pikachu bot-supply: you still out?
    [9:21:13 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: Yeah just got back im about to work on that 2.2m for yoy
    [9:21:21 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ty so much
    [9:21:42 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i can actually spend $82 now, so if you win, ill buy even more!
    [9:21:46 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: Not a problem bro. Just keep me added and ill sell to you anytine awesome buyer +1
    [9:22:06 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: Send me your voucher thread
    [9:22:32 AM] pikachu bot-supply: sure thing, lets just wait until everything is done, and then vouch for me friend.
    [9:22:50 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I planned on it.
    [9:23:13 AM] pikachu bot-supply: thank you!
    [9:23:20 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: Since 2.2m is a lot. Would you mind AoF taking it?
    [9:26:06 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I hope its not hard to get ppl since its so early on a school day
    [9:27:24 AM] pikachu bot-supply: hopefully not.
    [9:27:33 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I got some
    [10:19:17 AM] pikachu bot-supply: how you going to get poe back on ypp now that you're broke
    [10:19:27 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I fruit run
    [10:19:44 AM] pikachu bot-supply: how does that make poe?
    [10:19:49 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: 500k/ week
    [10:19:53 AM] pikachu bot-supply: how?
    [10:20:00 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: its complicated
    [10:20:14 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: forage bananas and gold and sell them at most profitable islands
    [10:20:28 AM] pikachu bot-supply: aww okay
    [10:20:45 AM] pikachu bot-supply: got any pets or furni i can buy for $
    [10:20:54 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I only have a dog
    [10:20:55 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: ;P
    [10:21:03 AM] pikachu bot-supply: furni?
    [10:21:10 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: nothing special
    [10:21:25 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ill collect it all :P
    [10:27:26 AM] pikachu bot-supply: that's it now, is there any chance, i can wait on you to win the poe, so i can pay the $60 or $80 in the one transaction please?
    [10:28:02 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I cant do that because I don't know when I will restock but send the 27 and ill discount the next transaction alittle
    [10:28:35 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i tried sending, it wont send right now, ill try fix it.
    [10:28:42 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: let me send a new req
    [10:29:02 AM] pikachu bot-supply: Also, i will buy your pets furni clothes and fams you have for a good price in $
    [10:29:17 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: you will buy like normal clothes and shit?
    [10:29:21 AM] pikachu bot-supply: yeah
    [10:29:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I have some expensive mail clothes
    [10:29:38 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: male
    [10:29:59 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: money req sent
    [10:30:13 AM] pikachu bot-supply: wait, ill be paying you more than$27
    [10:30:22 AM] pikachu bot-supply: let me buy the clothes furni pets, all items, il lbuy
    [10:30:24 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: depends
    [10:30:31 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: whats th ign ill show you the clothes
    [10:30:48 AM] pikachu bot-supply: belueberry
    [10:31:11 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: quote
    [10:31:14 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I have these clothes
    [10:31:43 AM] pikachu bot-supply: also, your pet, and tables, and furni?
    [10:31:52 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: that's on my othr char
    [10:32:08 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: acc trade
    [10:32:55 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: how much for this
    [10:32:57 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: all matching
    [10:33:01 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: expensive colors
    [10:33:34 AM] pikachu bot-supply: couldn't see, show me again, then inv to other character
    [10:33:52 AM] pikachu bot-supply: another $4
    [10:34:00 AM] pikachu bot-supply: so that's like 135k ish
    [10:34:04 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: na way more
    [10:34:13 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: think around 400
    [10:34:18 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: black is expensive
    [10:34:19 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: so is marron
    [10:34:22 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: maroon
    [10:34:36 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ill do $9 for it.
    [10:34:44 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: deal
    [10:37:45 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i'll buy your ships??
    [10:37:46 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: all I got
    [10:37:54 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: that's the only one I have for sell atm
    [10:38:10 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: but tis 250k alone
    [10:38:16 AM] pikachu bot-supply: Sell the MB also?
    [10:38:24 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: 2 articles of clothing are banana as well
    [10:38:28 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I will
    [10:38:35 AM] pikachu bot-supply: put in trade
    [10:38:38 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: anything in the trade box I'm willing to give
    [10:39:08 AM] pikachu bot-supply: any other things?
    [10:39:13 AM] pikachu bot-supply: like ships?
    [10:39:13 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: nope
    [10:39:15 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: that's it
    [10:39:22 AM] pikachu bot-supply: poker table?
    [10:39:28 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: haha I need that
    [10:40:16 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: the jacket and the pants are banana good cond
    [10:40:19 AM] pikachu bot-supply: $7 for that
    [10:40:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: $7 for what?
    [10:40:34 AM] pikachu bot-supply: the trade
    [10:40:36 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: lol
    [10:40:37 AM] pikachu bot-supply: its like 300k
    [10:40:37 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: nty
    [10:40:43 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: the ship alone is 200
    [10:41:02 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: the dog is like 35-40
    [10:41:14 AM] pikachu bot-supply: $10
    [10:41:19 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: no thanks
    [10:41:26 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: so what is that
    [10:41:42 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: $36
    [10:42:16 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: ill send you the money request
    [10:43:22 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: request sent
    [10:43:40 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ill pay $14 for that
    [10:43:49 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: hmm
    [10:43:51 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: alright
    [10:43:51 AM] pikachu bot-supply: so $50 alltogether
    [10:45:02 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: good?
    [10:45:17 AM] pikachu bot-supply: yeah
    [10:45:49 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: did you get the req?
    [10:46:05 AM] pikachu bot-supply: not yet
    [10:46:25 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I do have a few
    [10:46:27 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: more male clothes
    [10:46:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: new cond
    [10:46:36 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: all whitemint
    [10:46:39 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: white/mint
    [10:46:50 AM] pikachu bot-supply: ill buy.
    [10:46:57 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: inv tuggboat
    [10:48:03 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: that's it
    [10:48:18 AM] pikachu bot-supply: $5
    [10:48:23 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: 55 even then?
    [10:48:44 AM] pikachu bot-supply: yeah
    [10:48:48 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: deal
    [10:49:36 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: sent the money rq
    [10:49:40 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: let me know when you send the mone
    [10:50:32 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i want to spend $28 more, you got anything, if you buy me $19.99 on ypp, give me the boxes RM and Dubs and carpet
    [10:51:06 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: so buy you the $19 and you give me $28 for it?
    [10:51:24 AM] pikachu bot-supply: yeah, i don't buy dubs from ypp
    [10:51:28 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: okay deal
    [10:51:30 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: second
    [10:51:36 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i cant because where im from
    [10:51:37 AM] pikachu bot-supply: wait.
    [10:51:49 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: hmm?
    [10:51:50 AM] pikachu bot-supply: yeah go for it !
    [10:52:07 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: 90 dubs 2 nana boxes 2 rm?
    [10:52:12 AM] pikachu bot-supply: be quick and yeah
    [10:52:35 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: oh wait damn I cant sorry
    [10:52:47 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: forgot I had to cancel my card because of something
    [10:52:52 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: just send the 55
    [10:53:49 AM] pikachu bot-supply: cant you use paypal
    [10:54:11 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: no because I don't have enough money b/c I just transferred the money out a day or so ago
    [10:54:34 AM] pikachu bot-supply: so you cant do it 100%?
    [10:54:48 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: pretty much
    [10:54:55 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: trust me I want to do it as much as you want me to do it
    [10:55:00 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: well actually one sec
    [10:55:11 AM] pikachu bot-supply: i really want these boxes especially.
    [10:55:18 AM] pikachu bot-supply: im giving you $8 for nothing!
    [10:55:19 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: you can buy them 200k ea
    [10:55:28 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: I know but I don't have the means to purchase it
    [10:55:36 AM] pikachu bot-supply: so 100% no?
    [10:55:37 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: i might do it for you on a next purchase or something
    [10:55:41 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: and yeah sorry man
    [10:56:13 AM] pikachu bot-supply: okay ty
    [10:56:17 AM] pikachu bot-supply: brb
    [10:56:19 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: just go ahead and send the 55 and then we can vouch eachother because i need to get ready for work
    [10:59:02 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: gonna need the payment to come thru within the next 15m starting now or a full scam report will be placed on BS for your ban
    [11:05:11 AM] ┌∩┐ Dalton ┌∩┐: building the scam report now you have 12 minutes until I post it
    Screenshots matching the skype usernames and a screenshot of the paypal transactons will be posted belw as well.

    Skype Verification:

    Paypal Verification:

    We need to do all we can to rid the Bot-supply community of people like this.

    Thanks again.
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    Uh, that's not me? My Skypes are michael01210 and (not the one you mentioned)..
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    That's not his Skype nor his name (on PayPal) lol....
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    Legit if you go through all of my posts on here the only Skype I've even ever posted was the Michael01210 one. So I'm gonna remove my other personal one from the list up there.
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    In that case. Delete this post and im an sorry to slander your name Pikachu please do forgive me.
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    It's no problem. Just a heads up, come here first. Ask them to PM you on here. Anyone can make a fake Skype account. Even on the thread where I'm "Selling poe," someone commented 5 hours ago "I think someone just tried to scam me on Skype, can you confirm it was you or not?"
    Even though I didn't reply to it until just now (I just woke up), that alone should be enough to say "Hey, don't trade with this guy."
    I'm sorry you got scammed, and I'm even more sorry it was done in my name.
    I don't want this post deleted, as I want everyone to learn from this mistake.
    It happens alot, and it's very annoying.

    PS: I just noticed the guy was looking to "Buy" poe from you...Why would I buy it for $30/m if I'm currently selling 10m...

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    The items lost is not a big deal to me. Its more the fact of how desperate people are and all of the distrust that it causes between BS members and in the world in general. We live and we learn from our mistakes and I too am sorry that your name was used in this because it could have just as easily been my name. Thanks, again BS staff.
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    Again, no worries bud. Good luck in the future, and I'm sorry this happened to you.

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    Who do you think you are?

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