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    Reporting jewotron

    User claims to be selling 6 year jolly roger account, I email him offer and also posted on the board twice. He also states in entry post that "no email is linked to the account" he proceeds to "accept my offer" before even sending him money he gives me username in password (which is a red flag I know) so I signed into a VM on my work machine and VPN and the account is already banned for real world trading... here are photos of proof.

    Just in case this also comes up, as it is on the same thread (I don't like false accusations), "super detective" Whayaye claims "something doesn't add up here" to me on the thread. I was buying an account for my girlfriend, but i'm not going to post her information obviously to random dudes on the internet, and I have spent alot money with scola over the years, which I made a vouch page finally just to prove my point.

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    User has been banned.
    Who do you think you are?

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