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    So been waiting for half an hour since I've done a transaction with Quizan for an account, and he went offline on Skype and still hasn't responded to me, despite being active on BS. I was even directed to his vouches page via his direct pm/skype;
    Quizan, if you see this, get back to me asap please.

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    how big was the trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scola55 View Post
    Why not use people with 70+vouches to vouch? Those people are really trusted and can make the trade a lot safer
    Scola, this isn't the time to try and advertise your services. If the guy is being scammed in some way then it should be dealt with by the administration here.

    Quizian is an active user of the forum, I'm not backing him up (I barely know anyone round here) but it may be a act-of-god (internet downage etc). Also don't believe the "Active users" on the forum, that isn't displaying real time, it's displaying last 24 hours.

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    This is no open discussion unless you are directly involved.

    hiroyukiwatanabe15 , send me your Skype in a PM.
    I'll take a look at it.
    Who do you think you are?

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