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    Vinyl possible ban evader on BS

    I may not be able to prove any of this but i did have a friend who was hacked on PP and the name was changed to Vinyl once my friend had told me about it and got his account back he told me they changed the email also. We traced his email.

    his email
    skype is kyle.dolphinz
    also known as dutyreport on here.


    then proof of his BS and skype together below

    im sure a little more digging will catch him really quickly.

    any questions from admins or mods can be asked over pm or skype.

    my skype luckypoo69
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    You do realize I have all the skype conversations between Kreayshawn and I. Krey, Kyle, and I as well. As well as Krey explaining to solved how to get out of the predicament he literally just put himself in. Proving he sold accounts, fucked it up, got banned, got Jessica banned, in the process, got Kyle banned but knows how to get away with it. I also have proof that we were all in the same flag, that Vinyl was actually Kyle's account and not his, and now he's going to the extent of trying to fuck Kyle over this badly because he's all QQ that he tried scamming kyle and his friend, failed, and got banned for it. Good job kid.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just for starters.

    I can add more if needed. There's a LOT of Juicy bullshit.
    Kyle Bought the account from Kreayshawn not the other way around, so please before you listen to a scammer like Kreayshawn and post blindly, know your facts. They used to share that exact account on Bot Supply.
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    Could both sides please state their site of the story in a proper way?

    Send me yours in a PM and I'll sort things out.

    I don't want drama again - scola was enough.
    Who do you think you are?

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    I pmed you, I'm sure you'll be rather interested how many this has actually effected and WHO is all involved, and as I'm sure your aware, my reference to Solved, had to do with the Scola bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehfailz x3 View Post
    scola was enough.
    Gold.. Right there.

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