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    Scammed by LittleBig

    I was going to sell 1.5 mil to him for about 40 USD,

    We agreed to go halfway, after he took 750k off of me he just logs off of ypp and skype.

    Please be aware of Cola Turka on skype, (cola.turka44)

    (posting proof)

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    It's usually never a good idea to trade virtual currency or merchandise before receiving any type of payment because you have no chance of getting any of that stuff back. If you ever decide to trade with anyone else be sure you receive payment first or ensure that the person you are trading with has good reputation and can be trusted. You can open a dispute in PayPal and get your money back however once you trade your in-game currency it's gone.

    My only advise is to be more careful next time and make sure you know about the person you're dealing with. Never deal with a new user unless they are willing to pay you first.


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    Hey man,

    Yeah I'm aware and I've done a few deals so far and it never went wrong, till now.

    It's not that big of a deal, it's just annoying that I have to go through this trouble of reporting etc so others wont be scammed haha

    I have 0 credit/likes so far so it's hard for me to force people to go first but I might not go first again.


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    Make sure to google their Skypes beforehand.

    Also, you got the money, you can make them go first

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    Thanks man!

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