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Thread: Hyper Ranking Puzzle Pirates

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    Hyper Ranking Puzzle Pirates

    Hey, so like, yeah forums confuse me so if this is in the wrong place, please tell me xD

    Anyway, I'm trying to hyper rank sailing and it's not working

    I'm using the method of turning between 2 league points but it's just not working

    Have they patched the hyper ranking or something? ;S

    Does anyone know another way of hyper ranking and could they possibly help me with it? I'd massively appreciate it!!

    Skype Arand0mgirlx if you can help me <3
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    i do 1.5 lps. they didnt patch it it is just a longer process

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    Its working got me up to leg rig but takes forever to get me to ult. All I do is wait for the indicator to sparkle then clear atleast 4 more stars then get off the station. Then just dont let it hit league.

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    For doing what you are doing (sailing between LPS) here is a great guide:
    For a video example of LP hyperranking:

    However there is an easier method which will require an Imperial Outpost chart...This IO method is much easier and I am sure there is a guide on it somewhere on bot-supply.
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    Thanks guys, I figured it out with the help of a friend.

    Thanks again though

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