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    how to move poe?

    hello guys, got some questions i hope i get their answers, i wanna see different opinions. thanks for your time

    *when you buy poe, what do you guys do? change IP/use VPN?
    **how do you receive the money from the dealer? and do you receive it with an alt to hide your identity from the dealer? if yes how can you transfer that poe to your main without getting banned :3
    if there are other things i should know please inform me.

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    Since this has gotten no replies...

    You don't need to use a VPN or change IP just to buy poe, that's pointless... you do that only if you're avoiding a "Ban Evasion" ban, completely different subject
    Most popular methods are: Poker, Tournament (Private tourny between two people), Chest (Make someone roomie, add to chest), Trade, Wager, Tailor (E.g. Buy rags at 1m), Ships (Put money in hold, sell ships), etc. There are tons of possible methods, just gotta be creative to think of some more.

    I know for a fact that the chest method is the most obvious and most detected method, I would not recommend it at all. Next most popular is Poker, I would say poker is 70/30 - people get detected a lot through it but a lot of people also get away with it, it depends on the seller. 1v1 poker is not exactly that common, of course it happens but it looks suspicious..

    It's normally not advised to trade or /pay the person, this is kinda risky, especially if you don't know them. Tournament works fairly well, especially if there is an entry fee so it looks like a wager, I see these "wager tournaments" happen all the time, it's a pretty good method. Only suspicious thing is when the pot is set to 1m with no entry fee and only two people join, that looks bad.

    Wagering seems to be the best option in my opinion. Wagers happen everyday and there's no way to really track it down to real world trading. I'm talking about SF, Rumble, TD, Drinking, etc. Lots of money is shifted around 1v1 through these methods everyday. The downside is that the person buying must have some starting PoE to wager, and both parties must have Solid experience in a 1v1 puzzle to wager more than 5k.

    I don't think it matters if you use an alt or not. You have to remember that if you receive it on an alt, you probably need to transfer it back to your main somehow. That is just making things harder for yourself since you now have to go through two seperate processes.

    tl;dr - pick the method that looks least suspicious in the eyes of an OM if you are worried about bans

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    Anyone tried trading trinkets/familiars as a way to launder PoE? I imagine it should work well. If it's something that is not traded often, the ringers have no "market value" they can use as evidence of laundering. For one pirate to value an item at 5k and another 500k would not be unusual or suspicious. Wagering items on a SF (that you are confident you can sell afterwards) would be better still. People wager items of very different value all the time.

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