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Thread: Ban Evasion - Legitimacy of Puzzle Pirates.

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    Post Ban Evasion - Legitimacy of Puzzle Pirates.

    So heres a long tale, i'm not looking for sympathy or any trolling just a simple discussion to see if anybody agrees with me or knows actually how they do it.
    But anyway I was banned approximately 5 Years ago when I was 13, because I claimed to work for OOO.
    Some 60 Year old virgin was so upset that I sent him a tell saying I was an OM and that he should leave me the fuck alone, so anyway he reported me even though he was spamming me some rubbish I can't even remember what the little insect was typing but anyway.

    I've been appealing for the past 5 years about twice a year, and each time I get the same bullshit excuse that Prometheus can't justify getting off his fat ass and unbanning me. Must be too hard for him to find my name and hit unban but whatever.

    So I decided to evade, my first evasion attempt was with a new ISP and Computer, since my original laptop broke and my mum decided to change internet providers to Telecom, so I signed up for Puzzle Pirates again and started playing. I got away with it for approximately a month or two before I went to logon one day and it said I was banned for ban evasion.
    I was about 14 - 15 and I was actually extremely cautious about what I would say to people in game which confused me how they found me, but It didn't really matter I kind of got turned off by the game and decided I'd find other games to play.

    Last year being 17, I got really into html coding and other rubbish, I created some websites as a hobby for guilds on WoW, I hacked on some pretty basic games and eventually starting playing around with css and java etc. Eventually I decided i'd give it another go at evading on PP.

    I read online about hash.dat and all that other stuff, clearing my registry of all OOO and Yohoho related stuff. Defragged my pc with one of some bullshit software, used PC Cleaner.
    Took as many precautions as I could for somebody of my age and experience, not being experienced very much at all.

    From there I logged on created an account got good at the game "AGAIN" and maybe 1 - 2 months later I was banned for evasion again.
    From here I got super angry but quit trying again for another year, because whats the point if they can find me again after 1 or so years, whats the point in trying the very next day to evade again.

    So at the start of this year around February I found some articles on bot-supply got the free untainter etc, got a vpn did everything necessary you know the drill.

    Bought some poe etc. and was evading good went unscathed for about 2 to 2 and 1/2 months thought I was going to get away with it this time.
    Until one day I went to logon and found out that I was banned for evasion once again.
    This time with 30 odd ships and a couple of ships, all the good stuff.
    I appealed my original ban on my first character not disclosing to the OM's that I had been evading, to my suprise Prometheus explains to me that he doesn't want to unban me because I refunded 100$ worth of Doubloons 4 years ago. Okay than Mr. Prometheus thats a legit reason I guess.

    So I went to evade yet AGAIN
    This time I used the following things,
    - Bot-Supply untainted
    - VPN
    - All the information written in posts, many posts on these forums
    - Went into my registry and cleared EVERYTHING related to PP, OOO and anything with the nickname YOHOHO.
    - PC Cleaner
    - Change PC Name
    - Change User Name
    - Never loaded any other application except PP at any one time, apart from google chrome on the odd occasion or Windows Media Player.

    This time I eased my way into it thinking maybe it was the stats increasing to fast that gave it away, so I slowly played "legitimately" without any kind of bots or anything just all by myself, got Prof and Distinguished in stats, lost my green name. Made maybe 50k - 60k through pillies and SMH's over like a week.

    Was looking good my account wasn't banned yet, so I started with WFT Bot and Botted my carp to Resp. Then I did a bit of bilging got to master, Spools of Silk got to master, Did a few SF's versus players with DMIS.
    Got my stats looking pretty good broad/master or broad/GM across the board except in sailing.

    Long story short, some how despite my paranoia efforts I was banned for Ban Evasion once again, remembering that I never had other windows open of anything cept maybe chrome and WMP on the odd occasion.

    So you can obviously understand why I am utterly confused, I really do not understand how they can keep finding me all the time? i've done pretty much everything thats listed on these forums and some how they keep finding me.

    I have the following specs regarding modem:
    It's a Thompson TG585 V8
    My Computer is a custom built computer worth $1'600 New Zealand, exact specs would require me finding the manual that I don't bother to read (sorry)

    I NEVER petition or appeal my bans on my VPN I always do it on my original IP that I was banned off and then after appealing etc. I logon to my VPN, close everything except PP and Supply Crate and start playing.

    Next Question:
    Is Puzzle Pirates doing something utterly illegal to find people that are Ban Evading? I'm literally confused at how they can keep finding me despite me almost being completely out of ideas to do. I've tried everything. At one point I had even been using TMAC consistantly, I changed my Mac Address manually though.

    Any ideas on what I should do?
    Is hash.dat doing more than just keeping track of my personal profile regarding PP? I have a funny feeling it's doing a bit more than it should be?
    If anybody has any tips or would like to discuss please feel free to comment.

    If you're going to troll or be unsympathetic about the situation please don't bother I only want ideas on how I can improve my effort and finally stop being caught by these con artists that call themselves a company.
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    a very long tale not gonna bother reading but o well

    - - - Updated - - -

    you simply got banned for doing something wrong in the past

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    Very intuitive A+ on creativity. F on anything helpful.
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    My main was banned for the same reason, something dumb I did years ago. It sucks but nothing we can do!
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    Pretty much. Very sad though. Maybe you tried to log your old banned account in when you got a new ISP?

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    what vpn are you using?

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    i say buy an acc with JRs and not do what youve been doing since they focus more on the noobies rather than JR members

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    if you are using a free VPN, then thats why

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    If you're using a VPN and you think you're safe you're wrong. Other people may have used that same VPN to access the game, therefore there is a chance you were linked to another banned user

    Don't buy an account either, if the previous owner of that account gets banned on a different acc it could all get linked back to you

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    ive baught and acc and using it for the past 2-3 months still not banned so im happy =]
    and with VPN i baught a private one

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