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    How does Ban Evasion work?

    Can someone please explain how YPP catches a person on ban evasion charges? I've taken many steps to prevent it, yet it still happens.

    I've done :
    1. Get a private, premium, low-traffic, low-publicity VPN
    2. Untainted to the max using Supply Crate's Untainter
    3. Changed computer's ID & password
    4. Changed MAC address
    5. Had no reference whatsoever to any previous banned accounts
    6. Did nothing conspicuous in-game

    Anything I should've done or missed out?

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    If you use a VPN they know that you are using it, so they probably investigate anyone they find using VPN's and find something, or maybe they dont find anything but just ban you because its suspicious to use a a VPN (?)

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    You might have accidentally misconfigured your VPN and released your public IP while playing - are you using OpenVPN or PPTP?
    If your VPN is truly a private VPN which isn't shared with anyone else (you're the only one who uses it) then you shouldn't be banned. If you're using some sort of commercial VPN like HMA/PureVPN etc then there's a chance it's been shared with an evader.

    Apart from that, I don't see how they could have got you, unless someone else accessed your account who was evading

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