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    Subscription oceans + Auto Bots - Is it worth it?

    As you might have already guessed from the title, I'm trying to decide wether or not it's worth it to move to a subscription ocean and use bots. I'd imagine manual bots won't be a problem, but the major problem with that is that I'm lazy. I'd rather babysit the auto while listening to music or doing something else, rather than use the manual to play myself. Anyway, maybe anyone who has or has had accounts on subscription oceans and auto-botted might be able to give me some advice.

    Yeah, I'm talking about subscribing aswell.

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    Well if you're asking about detection, they use the same method for all oceans. It would be easier to get ultimate on sub oceans though because of the scoring curve.
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    You gotta look at it as: Are you willing to risk the possibility of getting banned on a server you're paying to access?

    For me personally, I wouldn't use auto bots on a sub ocean for that reason alone. (Nothing wrong w/ manuals though)
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    I was thinking the same thing. Though 9.99$ per month is not much, I'd rather use that once a month to buy some poe or wait a bit and buy a bot. Thank you both for your opinions
    I think I'll stay in dub oceans for now

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