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Thread: Banned: To reply or not to reply to email?

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    Banned: To reply or not to reply to email?

    So the situation was, i got banned using bot supply's Poeidon Bilging. Prior to my ban i created a ticket to YPP and had the following reply (posted below). Question is should I provide this information or not? What do you guys think. In my opinion, I would've replied with a witty comment and tell him to f*** off but let's hear some of your opinions.

    > > > Ahoy,
    > > >
    > > > We positively detected a bot in use on your account. A bot is a program that
    > > > automates or enhances your performance in a puzzle. The use of such programs
    > > > is strictly against the terms of service section 6.13
    > > > ( and results in a ban of the
    > > > accounts that use them. (
    > > >
    > > > Pleas against this ban should provide detailed explanation of your actions as
    > > > well as include the following information:
    > > >
    > > > * The names of all bots used
    > > > * Length and frequency of their use
    > > > * Where you obtained them
    > > >
    > > > Be aware that we take cheating very seriously; failure to provide the above
    > > > requested information will have a negative consequence on your plea. We are
    > > > only likely to consider lifting bans from the accounts of honest, established
    > > > players with a clean support history and a displayed commitment to Puzzle
    > > > Pirates and its continuing efforts to prevent cheating.
    > > >
    > > > Fair winds,
    > > >
    > > > - Prometheus
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    wow shet poseiden is detected now? if its ur main and has good stats n lots of poe, i think its worth an appeal (tell them the truth etc), if not just tell them to F*** off
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    makes me scared to use mine now

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    Not to cause any panic or anything, I would stay away from poseidon for now. Many many of my friends have been banned using this, ON the same day

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    automatic or manual ?

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    Tell them the truth. Most likely way to get unbanned is if they see you are a honest person who admits to using the bot. Just say you made a mistake and really want another chance to play etc. Has worked for me but it depends on many factors (past suspensions, complaints, they will check your account first to look for anything suspicious).

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    Thanks for the advice. I just did that and hopefully it'll work out in the end

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    Continuing on with this, I recently received a message from OM Hera concerning the matter of bot usage(poseidon) which got my banned. Hilarity ensues.

    > Ahoy,
    > Unfortunately, you have failed to declare all bots that you have used. We
    > consider any form of cheating to be a serious offense and having reviewed your
    > case we unfortunately cannot justify unbanning your account. This issue was
    > investigated thoroughly and the decision was not made lightly. You may review
    > our Terms of Service from our website here:
    > Puzzle Pirates: Three Rings Terms of Service
    > Fair winds,
    > - Hera

    And this is my reply,

    I haven't used any other third party software. I do not understand why a simple decision is made complicated by wild accusations with no evidence provided in the case by the Ocean Masters. The failure to provide any proof regarding the use of other third party software--excluding the bilging bot which I have clearly depicted in my previous message--demonstrates that the claim made by you(OM Hera) is totally invalid. Despite your stupidity in the subject, I will continue playing Puzzle Pirates on a private virtual network.

    As they say,
    "Fair winds"

    - - - Updated - - -

    so really the moral of the story,never give up and stop botting
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