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Thread: Ban evasion

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    Ban evasion

    This is great.

    > log on today "banned for ban evasion on: -pirate name- "

    Okay so first off, i was banned i appealed it and they un-banned my account after a huge misunderstanding, but i forgot about my alt account which wasn't even used..

    So i went inactive after that crap, recently got back into the game but all my accounts were deleted due to inactivity, So i've been banned for an account that doesn't exist anymore? even after i was un-banned?

    Tried to appeal it and the OM just laughed in the email basically and was like "This decision was not made lightly, but we unfortunately cannot justify
    unbanning your account. "

    Okay OM are jumped up little pricks.

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    Do you have the email where they unbanned you? Forward them that.
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