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    Should I return to PP?

    From the looks of things, PP seems to have a rapidly declining player base. Is it worth coming back to the YPP scene? I remember the fun times vividly, but with the community in tatters this is a tough decision. What do you guys think? Are the people still playing enough to sustain a fun time?

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    It all comes down to what you are going to do on it, i personally have a lot of fun doing cit runs etc. Weekends are always the best times lots of blockade fun, i play alot still but it is going downhill

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    I don't think the player base is declining that rapidly. It's a very seasonal experience (Especially on cerulean) During the school holidays you get many more people etc. There's still people playing it and each and everyone of them makes the game fun in their own way. You just gotta decide what you wanna achieve from it

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