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Thread: Past Exploits

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    Past Exploits

    ITT: We talk about exploits that were used but patched. I'll start with a big one

    Dupeing. You would trade someone and take something equipable, like a sword. Take un unequipped sword and swap it to the equipped slot. Before it became equipped you would grab it and then drag it over to the trade window, so in the trade window would be the sword you have currently equipped. Repeat this step so you have 2 of the same item in the trade window. After this put any item you want to dupe. Click ready and the other person aswell. You would get a weird error and the trade wouldnt work.. But if person 2 (the one without the items) logged off and on they would have all the items in the trade, and you would have them also... They would dispear once you logged off.. but.. you could still use chromas and stuff. Hence why everyone thinks I was banned for some "chroma hack" but not really. Anyways they patched it so now it only shows a gray box lesad.

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    You could once read the 5 next blocks in SF.

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